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Merrithew has been the forefront of equipment design and manufacturing since the beginning and continues to lead its innovative product development today. They are known for producing high quality fitness accessories such as fitness balls and fitness Mats and fitness DVDs that support recovery. Moira Merrithew, together have spent over two decades promoting the benefits of responsible exercise though their mindful exercise programs.

In order to ensure all programming aligned with current scientific and biomechanical research, Merrithew collaborates with the team of physical therapist, sports medicine and fitness professionals. Their mission is to motivate people of all ages and life stages to lead healthier lives through high-quality fitness brands. Merrithew supports and inspires people worldwide to achieve optimal fitness and wellness through premium programming and equipment.

They highly value the place of education, connection, respect, passion, integrity and leadership in order to achieve their goals to promote the integrity and credibility of their Pilates and fitness brands to consumers and professionals worldwide and remain a leader in the health and fitness industry.

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