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Long an industry leader in the luxury home furnishings industry, Meridian Furniture works hard to bring you only the best furniture on the market today. Meridian is luxury quality at affordable prices, with amazing designs made from high quality materials so that anybody can afford a beautiful and attractive living space without breaking the bank or going into debt. Every Meridian product is made from quality wood solids and veneers, finished to perfection in beautiful colors and finishes including walnut, oak, deep brown, and more. These rich, luxurious products are sure to be a beautiful addition to any home decor, and that Meridian quality you've heard so much about is plainly evident in every one of them. From full bedroom suites including bedframes, nightstands, dressers, chests of drawers, and more to elegant living room sets including spectacular sofas in magnificent European designs with bicast leather accents and hand-carved detailing, recliners and armchairs, and sophisticated occasional tables in a variety of traditional styles including Provencal, Italianate, and traditional English country manor, often featuring marble and slate accents, Meridian has everything you could want to build an elegant sitting room or living space.

Meridian is quality and elegance meeting, the perfect combination of form and function. With hand-sourced materials and the best designs, these magnificent occasional pieces are sure to cause a stir in any home. is proud to offer Meridian furniture in our carefully curated catalog of amazing things.

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Limitless Series Infinity Series Cozy Series Plush Series Julia Series Serene Series Margo Series Naomi Series Harlow Series Lucas Series Julian Series Serpentine Series Casa Series Savan Series Taylor Series Mercer Series Rory Series Chesterfield Series Eva Series Karina Series Isabelle Series Bliss Series Cruz Series Kiki Series Kayla Series Lana Series Via Series Aiden Series Barolo Series Ferrara Series Willow Series Lily Series Paris Series Michelle Series Riley Series Marlon Series Lavilla Series Ritz Series Luxus Series Opal Series Ghost Series Candace Series Lexi Series Elly Series Geri Series Quinn Series Xavier Series Caleb Series Becca Series Vivian Series Mitzy Series Owen Series Jasmine Series Hendrix Series Sei Series Mercury Series Rainbow Series Reese Series Zara Series Giselle Series Nora Series Bella Series Tori Series Naya Series Heidi Series Pierre Series Hermosa Series Cleo Series Jax Series Anabella Series Beaumont Series Tres Series Zayne Series Rebar Series Finley Series Bowery Series Lola Series Eclipse Series Marquis Series Omni Series Emily Series Bellini Series Ashton Series Dixie Series Hexagon Series Hugo Series Sleek Series Jolie Series Gio Series Carousel Series Isla Series Shelly Series Enzo Series Mariel Series Zuma Series Cameron Series Porsha Series joy Series Nikki Series Porter Series Noah Series Revolve Series Fitzroy Series Akoya Series Alexandra Series Coral Series Annie Series Flora Series Excel Series Delano Series Alexis Series Claude Series Gianna Series Ace Series Liv Series Hailey Series Scarlett Series Luna Series Roxy Series Carter Series Ring Series Poppy Series Skylar Series Maxine Series Hudson Series Oxford Series Diamond Series Salvatore Series Demi Series Logan Series Sabrina Series Butterfly Series Hannah Series Acacia Series Pablo Series Marisol Series Arden Series Sedona Series Modernist Series Dolce Series Roberto Series Tulip Series Suri Series Grande Series Coco Series Ariel Series Nixon Series Jester Series Harper Series Vance Series Bali Series Addison Series Rheingold Series Farrah Series Stella Series Casper Series Carlton Series Casey Series Selena Series Carly Series Reed Series Arabella Series Barbosa Series Gemma Series Willa Series Woodford Series Encore Series Audrey Series Clarion Series Bryce Series Weston Series Misha Series Royal Series Hampton Series Nolan Series Vino Series Glitz Series Mila Series Cylinder Series Capri Series Rowan Series Divine Series Gail Series Venus Series Tuft Series Gia Series Drew Series Milan Series Lucid Series Rays Series Malia Series Luxe Series Rivet Series Rotunda Series Banquet Series Lemar Series Amara Series Juno Series Circlet Series Tess Series Sherwood Series Joel Series Kelly Series Miley Series Heart Series Cassie Series Aria Series Claire Series Stephanie Series Paloma Series Elegante Series Theo Series Minimalist Series Curve Series Louise Series Gwen Series Perry Series Cosmopolitan Series Kendra Series Vantage Series Tyson Series Bellagio Series Teddy Series Beth Series Alyssa Series Tuscany Series Monroe Series XOXO Series Manor Series Starburst Series Tao Series Opera Series Angel Series Yasmine Series Martini Series Moda Series Regency Series Palladium Series Soho Series Rohan Series Kenzi Series Priya Series Collette Series Nova Series Pippa Series Anastasia Series Jazzy Series Alessio Series Carmen Series Skyler Series London Series Graham Series Legacy Series Sophie Series Serafina Series Haven Series Eleanor Series Olivia Series Damian Series Industry Series Copley Series Mason Series Eliana Series Viviene Series Xander Series Delilah Series Sorrento Series Jackson Velvet Series Massimo Series Reflection Series Jade Series Deco Series Glassimo Series Lainy Series Kylie Series Marbella Series Woodland Series Clover Series Florence Series Nube Series Cesar Series Russo Series Maddox Series Elle Series Lang Series Presley Series Amelia Series Levels Series Lumen Series Nexus Series Daisy Series Taj Series Damon Series Jocelyn Series Jesse Series Valle Series Lia Series Golda Series Barlow Series Clara Series

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