Manitowoc is a manufacturer in commercial ice machines and related ice production equipment. The company was founded in 1964 as Manitowoc Ice, Inc. They are proud to promote their mission in utilizing the latest technology and ecological conservation techniques for the manufacturing of ice making machines. They have incorporated and featured new innovations as with their QuietQube technology which was the first to use a new form of remote condensing on ice machines. Manitowoc is on the forefront with the food safety concerns and was among the first to produce the ice machines that meet the strict regulations for sanitation set forth by the NSF/ANSI standard 12-2003.

Manitowoc’s commitment is to produce ice machines that meet the demands of their customers. Furthermore, Manitowoc is adamant in providing a real value to their appliances by reducing the total cost in construction compared to other competitors while maintaining a strict adherence towards food safety. They believe in providing a better ice machine with useful, yet inventive features. Manitowoc is also focused on using quality building components to make sure their products continually work as intended for years to come. This translates to the longevity of their customer’s businesses as well.

Manitowoc continues to innovate in the world of ice making by incorporating new technology and health concerns as their main objective.

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