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Mahar Classroom Furnishings

Children are our future, and education is the key to giving them the means to grow into strong, healthy, and responsible citizens. Making sure our schools are properly equipped with all the tools they need to educate the leaders of tomorrow is something we all have a vital interest in, even if we don't have children ourselves. So is proud to be investing in this public good by partnering with Mahar Manufacturing. Since 1988 an industry leader in classroom fixtures and products, Mahar Manufacturing is a family-owned business that understands how vitally important providing for the needs of our schools is. Their comprehensive line of classroom furniture is manufactured here in the United States at Mahar's own factory in Van Buren, Arkansas according to the highest quality and safety standards. With a complete range of products on offer, including bookcases, children's rest cots, cubbies and coat racks/lockers, and children's storage bins.

For over twenty-five years, Mahar has been dedicated to bringing the best American-made classroom goods to market, and they've built a reputation for excellence in engineering, design, and manufacturing, and they handle everything, from fabricating to powder-coating to injection molding to sewing to assembly, in house. This allows them a remarkable degree of quality control, so you can rest assured that, with Mahar, you're buying only the finest school and classroom furniture, fixtures, and accessories. Mahar is devoted to making sure every classroom is outfitted with the best fixtures in the industry, and their commitment to quality is our commitment to you.

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