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Louisiana Grills BBQs

The old debate of gas versus charcoal is over, and the winner, it turns out, is wood. Wood is the only fuel that adds real flavor to your food, giving it that rich taste only wood fires can provide. That's why wood-fire restaurants are cropping up all across the continent, because it's a difference you can truly taste. That's why Louisiana Grills offers only the finest wood pellet-burning grills on the market today. Wood pellets are an innovative fuel source, giving you all the convenience of gas and charcoal with the unique taste experience you can only goof from a wood-burning grill. Easy to store, easy to use, and quick burning, wood pellets are the future of grilling, and Louisiana Grills has been at the forefront of wood pellet grills for years. These high quality grills are all made in North America at one of the continent's finest state of the art steel manufacturing plants. Louisiana Grills allow you to not only smoke and barbecue, but also reach temperatures high enough to grill steaks, pork chops, or hamburgers. And with its chimneyless design, all the smoke will build up in the hood and help flavor your food. That's the beauty of wood grilling.

Every Louisiana Grills grill comes standard with a 3-year warranty, because Louisiana Grills stands by its products. There's no surcharge, and this no gimmick. This is quality that the company backs. is proud to offer Louisiana Grills in our carefully-curated catalog of remarkable things.

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