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Liebherr is a family-owned home appliances company, specializing in manufacturing high-quality refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, and refrigeration accessories. Liebherr specifically makes freestanding, built-in, and fully integrated french-door refrigerators. All of their appliances are manufactured from quality materials to ensure the durability of their products.

The Liebherr's refrigerators have their innovative Bottle Shelves and VarioSafe storage features for great flexibility and organization solutions. The Bottle Shelves are adjustable so you can customize the space for any bottles size, and VarioSafe makes it easy to organize small items, such as jam jars or sauce packets. BioFresh technology with humidity control ensures all the dairy products, such as fruit, vegetables, and meat, retain optimal freshness and flavor for up to three-times longer than conventional refrigerators. Additionally, Liebherr's SuperCool feature allows the fridge to rapidly chill your newly stored products by dropping the temperature down to 36℉.

Liebherr freezers feature spacious designs with NoFrost and SmartFrost technologies. The NoFrost (short for "no more defrosting") feature will keep your food frozen, rather than frost-bitten.The SmartFrost feature freezes food faster than ever before and decreases ice build-up.

Liebherr wine coolers provide optimal storage conditions for long-term preservation of your wine. The brand's wide range of wine storage options includes compact and multi-temperature wine coolers. Compact wine coolers can fit at least 12 bottles of wine, while different models of Liebherr's multi-temperature wine coolers enable storing 95 to 211 bottles of wine. Additionally, they offer flexible temperature controls, which allow you to maintain a different temperature in each compartment to store various types of wine.

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