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Liebherr - Just Refrigeration

Liebherr - Just Refrigeration

"Innovation" and "self-sufficiency" have been watchwords of Liebherr since its inception. In 1949, as Germany was clawing its way out of post-war ruin, Hans Liebherr introduced the first tower cranes which were integral to the country's reconstruction. Until international aide began in earnest, component parts for these cranes were scarce commodities. True to form, Liebherr brute forced his own path for a solution by diverting company resources into manufacturing what he needed. A few years later, in 1953, when Liebherr observed poor performance in third-party excavators he was hiring, he developed and released improved hydraulic excavator that were lighter and more powerful than anything previously offered.

Liebherr Refrigeration

Liebherr then applied these entrepreneurial sensibilities to the refrigeration industry. In 1954, rather than taking an expansion opportunity to purchase an existing refrigerator-manufacturing company, he performed his own cost-benefit analysis. With one in five households in Germany and one in two households in the United States having a refrigerator, he shrewdly intuited that the time was ripe for market penetration and decided that he would build his own facility. It's this spirit of pioneering that continues in Liebherr refrigerators today.

Though the Liebherr Group is a highly globalized and diversified enterprise, when it comes to the market of household appliances, it is strictly in the business of refrigerators. This allows them to focus the full might of their worldwide research and development resources into refrigeration technologies. This has led to some of the following industry-renowned innovations.

Liebherr Sales Van


DuoCooling is what sets Liebherr above the fray. Most domestic refrigerators use only one cooling coil for both the freezer and refrigerator. This made sense in a time when engineers would have looked at you cockeyed for suggesting that there be multiple coils in one appliance. Even then it was known that a refrigerator and freezer had different needs. If the temperature is set to best suit the fridge, the freezer wouldn't get cold enough to do what it's supposed to. If the freezer was kept at its happy medium, the everything in the refrigerator would get dehydrated at best, or freeze at worst. At one point, it was economically unfeasible to manufacture refrigerators with separate cooling elements for the refrigerator and freezer. This "tradition" continued because it was just the way things were done. DuoCooling, in all Liebherr units, uses separate coils for each of the fridge and freezer compartments to maintain an optimally humid cool for the former and an arid cold for the latter. It's just one of the ways they are constantly breaking with archaic practices. See the video on the left for further information on DuoCooling.

Beyond Energy Star

Where Liebherr has stayed ahead of the curve is in environmental compliance. Every time an Energy Star requirement has been announced, it can be guaranteed that Liebherr has already implemented it. The interiors of all their refrigerators are illuminated by LED lighting. This is much more energy-efficient than standard refrigerator bulbs while also maximizing visibility within. Recently, the US EPA recommended that R-600 (isobutane) be used in the place of Freon as a refrigerant. The latter is known to contribute to climate change and ozone depletion. As well as being environmentally friendly, isobutane is a more effective coolant at significantly lower quantities, reducing electricity consumption. True to form, Liebherr has been using isobutane for 17 years. All Liebherr refrigerators feature a "door ajar" alarm that guarantees the unit is closed properly, preventing cold air from escaping and any energy wastage. These are just a few reasons why 14 Liebherr refrigerator models have earned the Energy Star "Most Efficient of 2017" designation, a distinction they've received seven years in a row.

Beyond Energy Star


Many of today's refrigerators are evolutionary stagnations of an ages-old idea that they're boxes that just keep things cold. This was sufficient when the only option for food preservation was storing food in cellars or iceboxes. Liebherr posits, if methods are available to improve on old ways, why not use them? That's the impetus behind BioFresh technology. It applies the seemingly intuitive notion that different foods have different environmental needs in addition to mere coldness. To this end, Liebherr refrigerators include at least two BioFresh compartments to store perishables. The first step is to maintain a temperature that is just above freezing. The next step depends on the foodstuffs being stored.


Unpacked produce requires increased humidity to remain fresh and crisp. Conversely, cheeses, meats, and fish need drier conditions to prevent spoilage. The HydroSafe/DrySafe sliders on the refrigerator drawers allow you to perfectly set moisture levels depending on their contents. See the video on the left for more details on BioFresh and HydroSafe/DrySafe.

Featured Liebherr Refrigerators

CS1210 24 Inch Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

For those who want the Liebherr refrigerator experience but have space constraints, this model would be your perfect choice. Its 24" frame makes for a sleek profile that, combined with SmartSteel door material, will lend verve to even a galley kitchen. Even with a relatively small footprint, this unit offers copious interiors with 8.1 cu ft in refrigerator space and 3.8 cu ft in freezer space. GlassLine shelves have a sophisticated look while being scratch resistant and dishwasher safe. They are especially designed to configure for whatever the contents. To further help you easily find everything, each compartment is lined with cool LED lights that uniformly illuminates the entire space. The DuoCooling feature will optimally preserve any food you wish to store in either compartment. This is enhanced by BioFresh capabilities that allow you to adjust the environmental conditions to suit any food. Imagine, if you will, being able to store food an additional 17 days (for fruits), 30 days (for dense vegetables like carrots), or even 100 days (for cheeses) longer than any other refrigerator. Imagine no more because that is exactly what this Liebherr fridge is capable of.

CS1210 24 Inch Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
CS2060 36 Inch Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

CS2060 36 Inch Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

For the pinnacle of home refrigerators, look no further than this formidable model. Its massive 19.4 cu ft capacity is also highly versatile. While being able to store a considerable amount of everyday groceries, there's more than enough customizable shelf-space to spare. You can easily accommodate over-sized platters and containers. The three BioFresh capable drawers can perfectly store an overwhelming amount of meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables in their ideal settings. On the door you'll find gallon holders and additional racks for varying sizes of beverages, sauces, etc. With double freezer drawers, you'll be able to organize all your frozen items so they can be found and retrieved at a moment's notice despite the abundant 6 cu ft of space. The freezer also features a built-in IceMaker that utilizes an integrated activated carbon water filter. You'll have perfectly clear and delicious halfmoon ice cubes on demand. Rounding out the luxe nature of this refrigerator are its ergonomic touches. Digital temperature controls ensure you'll have discrete control over all the separate compartments. Liebherr's patented SoftSystem hinge will automatically and gently close the refrigerator door preventing accidental damage and cooling loss. All of this is encased in imposingly beautiful stainless steel making it the zenith of both form and function.

Since 1949, Liebherr has been family owned and operated. They know what is important to your home because they know what's important to theirs. That is why they are utterly committed to bringing you the absolute best in refrigerators. So committed, in fact, that's the only household appliance they manufacture. Be sure check out the complete collection of Liebherr refrigerators at Appliances Connection. See what over a half-century and three generations of family commitment can do for you.

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