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Liebherr Premium Refrigeration Rebate


Keep it cool with Liebherr. Appliances Connection kindly offers a new way to save. For some of the best new innovative refrigerators, consider Liebherr. Purchase a qualifying new refrigerator unit from Liebherr and get up to $800 cash back. Take advantage of this rebate opportunity on select high-end models of refrigeration units including 24, 30 and 36 options, in addition to, other luxury appliances on a wine reserve unit or humidor.

Liebherr, started in 1949 with post-war reconstruction efforts in Germany but is now headquartered in Switzerland, began as a heavy equipment manufacturer with industrial machines including tower cranes and aircraft parts. This industry innovator with high quality and award winning construction equipment received accolades for setting pinnacles in devising powerful examples of machinery. Although, Liebherr specializes in high-tech construction equipment, they also create the same high quality commercial chiller displays, freezers, in addition to, domestic refrigerators and freezers for the home.

Liebherr also works with the medical and pharmaceutical field with objectives for striving in cutting-edge technology by creating more advanced refrigeration units for a more rigorous demand. The same proven technology Liebherr devises is found on all their high-end appliances. With all their new refrigerators and freezers, Liebherr prides themselves on high quality, reliable, energy-efficient and durable equipment theyve been manufacturing for 60 years.

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Appliances Connection Rebate Options for Liebherr Appliances

As a major pioneer in terms of technology being offered, Liebherr proudly maintains a lineup of straightforward, inventive options. All of their refrigeration units provide the following with the exception of BioFresh, as well as, size and style being the only variant.

Innovative Features:

BioFresh: Keep all fresh produce longer with Liebherrs BioFresh compartment

NoFrost: Automatic defrost function to relieve the tedious task of manual defrosting.

Superfrost: This option allows for rapidly bringing the freezer temperature to freezing (-32 Celsius or about -25.6 Fahrenheit). This function also shuts off automatically for a certain amount of time dependent on the amount of food inside the freezer (Approx. 30-65 hours).

DuoCooling: Double compressors hidden in the back of this refrigerator provide maximum air cooling circulation, as well as, effective and quiet refrigeration.

Automatic Ice Maker: Readily available ice cubes

Door and Temperature Alarm: Convenient audible notification whenever the door is ajar or temperature is not the desired optimum.

LED Lighting: Efficient illumination within both the fridge and freezer compartments for high visibility.

Star K certified: Sabbath mode option to cater to regulations of the traditions of Jewish faith.

Energy Star certified: Save on operating costs and resources.

$800.00 REBATE: ON ALL 30 & 36 MODELS WITH BIOFRESH (OR WS1200 Wine Unit OR XS200 Humidor): CBS2062-v-HCB2060/1-HCB1560/1


HCB2062 - 36" Built In Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator with 18.9 cu.ft. Capacity
is a big, full-width storage capable and streamlined luxury fridge designed to fit flush with cabinetry.


XS200 17" Humidor with 1.4 cu. ft. capacity
is a state of the art humidor option for the folks who enjoy the finer things in life, such as, refined art of smoking cigars. For any cigar-aficionado, the freestanding XS200 from Liebherr is one of the best humidors to protect premium cigars. This unit will automatically keep cigars at an optimum humidity and temperature.

Notable Features:

LED lighting: Since LED lights emanate virtually no heat, theyre ideal for showing off cigar collections without damaging them.

Spanish Cedar Wood Shelving: Premium cigars deserve to be displayed within high quality storage and Spanish cedar wood is top of the line.


WS1200 16.75" Freestanding Wine Cooler with 12 Bottle Capacity in Stainless Steel
by Liebherr is a compact and attractive wine reserve cabinet that is perfect addition for any fine wine connoisseur.

Notable Features:

LED Lighting: Efficient and bright illumination without harming the integrity of a wine collection.

Precision Electronics: Touch controls with exact temperature control ranging from 41 and 68F.

Wall Mounting: For even more convenience this wine reserve cabinet is designed with a wall mount option as well.

$500.00 REBATE: ON ALL 36 NON-BIOFRESH MODELS: CS2062-CS2060/1-HC2062-HC2060/1

hcb2062 (1)

CS2062 - 36" French Door Refrigerator with 18.9 cu.ft. Capacity
from Liebherr is a spacious and energy efficient luxury fridge. This fridge is equipped with stainless steel for high durability and prevent smudges and blemishes.



30" Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with 14.1 cu.ft. Total Capacity with 4.3 cu.ft. Freezer Capacity
from Liebherr is a moderate size offering with clear and conveniently adjustable shelves. This refrigerator is also designed to fit fully integrated for a blended in seamless look.



30" Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with 15.5 cu.ft. Total Capacity with 4.2 cu.ft. Freezer Capacity
by Liebherr is similar to the above unit with the exception of it being freestanding.



24" Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with 13 cu.ft. Total Capacity with 3.3 cu.ft. Freezer Capacity
from Liebherr is a space-saving solution for those who need to conserve space but still desire a luxury refrigerator with all the same unique and practical features as its larger counterparts.

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