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LG Signature

A brand of one of the leading global manufacturers of consumer electronics, mobile devices, and appliances - LG Signature is known for innovation and design in all of their products, including household appliances such as refrigerators, ranges, cooktops, ovens, dishwashers, washers, dryers televisions, and other useful technologies. LG Signature appliances maintain all of the hallmarks their parent company is renowned for, including Wi-Fi connectivity, and smart programming including their brand-only Smart ThinQ technology that allows the user to control, monitor, and update LG Signature appliances with a touch or even a word with models that utilize Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

But what really sets LG Signature is their sleek, flowing designs enclosed in a variety of darker shades of stainless steel. From refrigerators and ranges to wine coolers and washers and dryers, the LG Signature line is a tasteful step ahead of the standard bright and brushed steel. These appliances express a true sense modern home decor, whether a refrigerator, range, dishwasher or wine cooler. Their flowing lines and soft, shadowy coloring immediately add a sense of high tech blended with high fashion no matter whether they inhabit the kitchen or laundry room.

And LG Signature isn't only about household chores - it's about household enjoyment. Their line of OLED 8G TVs offer the latest innovations in the television field, including some ot the most powerful TV processors to picture quality and sound enhancement unlike anything you've experience before, with stunning contrast, resolution, and pixels that can be individually controlled all encapsulated in the thinnest screens on the market.

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  • LG - Customer Care Extended Warranty Promo (up to $185 value) Buy eligible LG Appliances and get these 2 great offers: 1. Get complimentary Proactive Customer Care for personalized usage and maintenance tips; 2. Get an additional year added to your manufacturer's original limited warranty free of charge; Unlock the offers with these easy steps: - purchase an eligible product; - download the ThinQ App; - connect product to wi-fi and register; Promotion valid February 25 - May 12, 2021 See offer details on for more information. Offer ends 05/12/21

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