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Lenova Sinks

Lenova. The name evokes stars, nebulae, the great expanse of the unknown, stretching out into infinity upon infinity, and a boundless spirit of exploration and the ever-new. Because that's what Lenova means, too: the new. And in that spirit of the new, Lenova strives to distill that optimism and love of greatness and grandeur into the world's premier line of kitchen and bath sinks. Their line of specialty and luxury sinks come in what Lenova calls, with their trademark penchant for the cosmic, the Seven Elements of Sinks: Stainless Steel, Glass, Copper, Porcelain, Stone, Composite, and Bamboo. These amazing, high quality, and often nontraditional materials make for remarkable designs with a variety of moods, sensibilities, and aesthetics. From the simplicity and charm of a waterproofed bamboo sink to the technological marvel of a stone etched apron front equal double bowl kitchen sink, every Lenova sink speaks of the ever ancient, ever new flowing of water down the course of a river, always renewing itself, always permanent. These beautiful forms are characterized by excellent design, superior craftsmanship, and a dedication to bringing you the best customer service experience in the industry.

With qualities like these, Lenova is pushing the envelope in design and manufacturing quality even as it hearkens back to classic, timeless aesthetics. This means you'll get a spectacular sink that won't only last you for decades to come, but won't ever go out of fashion. Ever ancient, ever new, ever Lenova.

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