What's the Best Appliance Finish for your Kitchen in 2019?

Appliance Finishes for Kitchen

Some of the most popular appliance finishes of 2018 are certainly still trending in American homes. However, a new year is bringing new finishes to kitchens. Many people in 2019 are loving the colorful trends that have been shaking the industry. Kitchens have indeed improved tremendously since the time when our grandparents thought all the kitchen appliances should be only white. Whether you are remodeling your existing kitchen or starting from scratch, it is very important for you to realize that your kitchen makes a statement about you. You're going to want that statement to be bold. So don't forget to be open-minded and decorate it however you want. Let your creativity take you to wild places.

Colorful Kitchen

Stainless steel, Black Stainless Steel, Black, White and Slate are the go to colors for many people. Each of those colors definitely have their advantages and disadvantages in various kitchen settings. However, nowadays custom colored kitchen appliances are trending once again, which leaves you with an opportunity to take the matter on your hand start making your kitchen truly yours.

Truffle Brown from Miele

Graphite from Viking

Miele's truffle brown is relatively new and has a warm look to it. It is perfect for a household that wants to try something novel without taking a huge risk. Truffle Brown is a beautiful finish that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Truffle Brown from Miele blends in perfectly with darker cabinets. It adds a glossy look to your kitchen as it shines even in dimly lit areas. It is one of the trending appliance finishes of the year because of the clean and elegant look that it gives off. I would recommend this finish for you if you are the type of person who wants that contemporary look in their kitchen.

Viking's Graphite Grey is another new rich color that is perfect for many different types of kitchens. It is a beautiful combination of black and grey. With Graphite Grey appliances, you'll delight in preparing delicious meals in your kitchen.One significant factor about Viking's Graphite Grey is that it gives a modern look to any kitchen, just like the Black finish. Graphite Grey blends in perfectly with both darker and lighter colored cabinets because it will stand out no matter what.

One downside to both Truffle Brown from Miele and Graphite Grey from Viking is that these finishes will limit you to purchasing all your appliances from one brand. In future, if you have to replace one of the appliances and the brands have stopped manufacturing these finishes, then you might have to replace your entire kitchen suite. Other than that, there is no reason why you shouldn't love these beautiful finishes.

Custom Color Options from La Cornue

Custom Color Options from Bluestar

La Cornue is known for manufacturing colorful appliances. With them, you can customize the finish of your appliances to whatever suits you and your kitchen. If you are type of person who loves brightness and bright colors, I would highly recommend La Cornue. Take your creativity to the next level and build your dream kitchen.

On the other hand BlueStar also gives you an opportunity to create a unique kitchen style with over 750 colors, 10 metal trims, and nearly infinite configuration possibilities. No one does it better than BlueStar when it comes to customization. Right after you finish choosing colors and textures that you want your appliances to be, then you can go ahead and design each part of the appliances however you want.


Slate is a relatively a new color in appliances. However, its matte finish and grey tone is definitely winning the favor of many consumers. Slate is unique and for unique people because most people own appliances in stainless steel, black stainless steel or white. Which is why Slate will make you special in your neighborhood. Slate has a lot to offer you with its fingerprint and smudges resistance with a high-end look. The only disadvantages that Slate has is that it is only manufactured by GE Appliances, which might make it harder for you to replace certain parts if necessary.

Stainless Steel

Black Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is one of the most popular and timeless finishes. This finish handily beats white kitchen appliances in terms of popularity. One of the main advantages of stainless steel kitchen appliances is the fact that it gives off a beautiful modern appearance that's simply not found in any other materials. Usually, many great looking appliances have to sacrifice durability to get that elegant look, however with stainless steel you don't have to compromise anything.

Will Black Stainless Steel finally overtake stainless steel's popularity? We still have to go couple of more years in order to answer that question, but there are few highlights that I would like to touch upon when it comes to Black Stainless Steel. It does have all the advantages that stainless steel has. Additionally, Black Stainless Steel finish has one key factor that beats regular stainless steel. It's resistant to fingerprints and smudges. These two finishes are quickly beating all others. Don't forget to consider these two finishes when you are choosing new appliances.



Personally, I don't think white kitchen appliances will ever stop trending as its classic look has endured through the years. There is something about white appliances that brings a brightness to your kitchen while keeping that crisp and clean look. White kitchen appliances are for those who want to have warm and homey look rather than cold and commercial look stainless steel might bring. White appliances very easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Black, on the other hand, gives off totally the opposite vibe in the kitchen. Instead of homey look, black kitchen appliances tend to give off futuristic or modern look. Black kitchen appliances looks the best with darker cabinets. Black is perfect for someone who has large kitchen space because black appliances tend to darken the light of the room. You don't want your kitchen to be too dark.

If you want to go ahead and be creative I highly recommend you Truffle Brown from Miele, Graphite from Viking, and Custom Color Options from La Cornue and Bluestar. However, if you want to play on the safe side and still get the best of the best, you may wish to stick with either stainless steel, black stainless steel, white or black. These more traditional appliance finishes will never go out of style. Whichever finish you choose, do not forget to do extensive research to find out if it really is what you want and need.

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