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Lasko Fans

Founded in 1906 as Lasko Metal Products in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lasko has been working hard to bring you the best it can for over a century. During those hundred years, Lasko, which expanded into small appliances including home cooling systems and fans in the middle of the twentieth century, Lasko has earned a reputation for quality design, engineering, and production which it maintains by housing its activities all in the United States, including manufacturing centers in Texas and Tennessee. Lasko keeps its fingers on the pulse of America, always redeveloping, improving, and redeploying its products to keep them ever relevant to your daily life. Your needs aren't always the same, and neither is Lasko. With their innovative development team, Lasko makes sure their product line is always at the top of the line. That's how they can maintain such a diverse and dependable range of products, including household box fans, window fans, high speed fans, low-profile ceramic heaters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and more.

So you know you can rely on Lasko. Well, what's more, Lasko makes a concerted effort to be a responsible citizen-corporation, and is committed to both the consumers and communities it serves. Lasko works to make sure that they don't do business with any suppliers that engage in human trafficking, slavery, or any other inhumane practices. Lasko is committed to peace and conflict-free production, so you can be assured that any Lasko product you purchases has been ethically produced by a socially-responsible company. That's a promise.

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