Large Capacity Ovens

Large Capacity Ovens

Large capacity ovens provide a great solution for big families or for anyone who likes to cook large quantities of food. Generally, anything over 6 cu. ft. is considered as a large, or mega, capacity for ovens. Standard ovens usually have 4 to 6 cu. ft. of capacities. It's an almost certainty that anything over 7 cu. ft. will be a double oven, although you can also get a large capacity range with two ovens. Therefore, when it comes to buying a large capacity oven, you have two options to choose from. You can select a built-in double wall oven and a cooktop combination or get a range instead. The combination of double wall oven and a cooktop provide a beautiful integrated, modern look, which is a great option for upgrading a kitchen while ranges offer more traditional look with more industrial look.

Double Wall Ovens Vs. Ranges

double wall ovens vs ranges

Double wall ovens are designed with two full-size ovens and come in sizes ranging from 24" to 36" with up to 9 cu. ft. of total capacities. You can also get a range with two ovens in sizes ranging from 30" to 48", although one oven will be much smaller than the other. Only the 60" ranges have two full-sized ovens, although they require a lot more kitchen space. Therefore, double wall ovens take up less kitchen space while providing more cooking capacities compared to ranges with two ovens.

Double Wall ovens

Kitchen Space - When you're buying a wall oven, you also need a cooktop. So, you'll need two areas to dedicate to cooking. Therefore, the combination of a wall oven and a cooktop will take up more space in your kitchen. Although, if space is not an issue, this combination will be a great addition to your kitchen with more modern, integrated look.

Accessibility - Wall ovens allow a flexible installation in the kitchen cabinetry, which means you can install them at an eye or waist level for an easy access to the food. This way, you won't have to bend or kneel down to take the hot or heavy dishes from the oven.

More expensive - A combination of a double wall oven and a cooktop might cost more than purchasing a single range in most of the cases, depending on the model.


Kitchen Space  - Ranges combine two appliances in one, so they will take up less space in the kitchen if you choose from 30" to 48" ranges. But if you want two full sized ovens, you'll have to go with 60" range, which will take more space than any double wall oven and cooktop combination.

Accessibility - The oven is located beneath the cooktop so it's inconvenient for someone who has difficulties with bending and kneeling down to access the food.

Less expensive  - Typically, buying a range costs less than purchasing a wall oven and a cooktop, because the range combines both -- the oven and the cooktop in one unit. So, purchasing one appliance will be less expensive than buying two, depending on the model.

Take a look at our selections to choose the one that fits your needs the most:

Bosch Benchmark Series 30" double wall oven is one of the best options that provides a seamless integration into the kitchen cabinetry and features a spacious 9.2 cu. ft. of capacity for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. The large capacity of the double wall oven will help you cut down cooking times and host large parties effortlessly. For more convenience, this model is designed with six full-extension telescopic racks, which provide an easy access to the oven cavity. In addition to that, this double wall oven features True European Convection for even baking results and has 14 specialized cooking modes to make gourmet cooking easier. The oven also has a two hour self-clean feature that removes all the baked on residue to make cleaning as easy as the touch of a button.

Bosch Benchmark 36" electric cooktop is a great option for combining it with Bosch's electric double wall oven. This electric cooktop features smoothtop, 5 elements, nine cooking programs and four temperature settings including hamburgers, steak, fish, and pancakes. In addition to that, this electric cooktop is designed PreciseSelect Controls, which features numerical display for choosing from 17 different cooking levels to select the right temperature with a single touch while Autochef Function ensures maintaining precise temperature for the optimal cooking results. The unit also offers the Power Start feature, which delivers the maximum power initially and decreases automatically to your pre-selected temperature. Bosch Benchmark's electric cooktops are also available in 30", 31", and 37" sizes to accommodate any countertop space.

Maytag's 30" freestanding electric range is a great option if you like the idea of a range more than having a combination of double wall oven and a cooktop. This electric range features 6.4 cu. ft. of oven capacity for cooking multiple dishes and a smooth top cooktop with 5 elements, providing perfect temperatures for simmering or searing. The spacious oven of the range offers a True European Convection for delivering perfectly even cooking results at all times, as well as convection conversion, which automatically adjusts the traditional recipes to the right convection time and temperature. In addition to that, the oven is designed with maximum capacity racks that dip down for more convenience, providing an ample space in the oven.

LG's 30" electric range is a great alternative, which offers two ovens with 7. 3 cu. ft. of total capacity. The convenient design of this double oven range allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. For example, you can roast a chicken in the primary oven (4.3 cu. ft.) while baking a cake in the secondary oven (3.0 cu. ft.) and cooking on the ceramic smoothtop. This range also features adjustable racks to accommodate various sized food items and Probake Convection in the lower oven for the perfectly even cooking results on every rack. The smoothtop, on the other hand, features 5 elements with 3200 watts of power, delivering the fastest boiling times. In addition to that, this electric range offers a self-cleaning feature, which cleans the oven in just 10 minutes without using the high heat and strong chemical fumes.

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