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With years of experience in kitchen appliances Lamber has proven itself to be one of the leading industries in the market because of their comprehensive range of dishwasher machines that are designed with a perfect combination of technology, dependability, innovation and solution to meet and exceed the demands of various customers. Lamber team of engineers, designers and manufacturers have undeniable ingenuity, creativity and skills that makes these dishwasher machines successful. Lamber's commercial dishwasher comes packed with multiple features that proves their superiority over other similar products. For instance, almost all of their machines are made of stainless steel inside and out which brings extra stability and durability. High temperature boosters, easy to use digital controls, low water consumption per cycle, stainless steel wash and rinse arms, and security thermostat etc. They don't just stop there. Lamber's team grows and evolves day by day, to not only catch up with the current trend but also to provide the best of the best to customers using the advanced technology that is available to them.

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