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La Cornue Ranges & Range Hoods

La Cornue ranges are an expression of your personal taste and classic French style. These high-quality ranges are highly customizable and are a functional piece of your home decor. With a La Cornue appliance, you no longer have to choose between functionality and style. These appliances provide both of them with a durable construction that also features stunning external design. In addition, the features will allow you to live your life efficiently instead of struggling with your appliance on a daily basis.

In the La Cornue line, there are currently has two styles available: Cornufe and Chateau. Cornufe has two size options, 43-inch and 36-inch. The 36-inch range, known as the Albertine range, was designed specifically for US kitchens and has a single multi-function convection oven with a large capacity. The exterior design of these appealing appliances stays true to the French style that every La Cornue range has.

The other size option is a 43-inch range with two electric convection ovens and five powerful gas burners. This range style comes in a variety of colors ranging from pastels to winter neutrals. You also have the option of gold, copper, or stainless steel trim accents. This collection doesn't let you completely change the color of all the trim--some elements will still be stainless steel. This is great for those who want a smaller range and enjoy the two-tone look.

If you'd prefer greater color control, the Chateau ranges are the way to go. The La Cornue Chateau range is almost six feet in length. It has one gas oven, one electric oven, and seven different range top configurations. This collection lets you choose from a bank of colors that over twice as large as the other collection and includes trendy colors like greige, burgundy, periwinkle, and matte black. However, there is only one size option. The Chateau collection only features the range, while the Cornufe collection also includes two range hoods in coordinating sizes and a built-in rotisserie.

All of La Cornue's ranges are durably constructed and have professional cooking power. To achieve this durability and utility, they are made of some of the finest materials. True to their luxurious and traditional look, these ranges do not have any digital displays; they let the beauty of their design speak for itself and allow you to use your range as not only a functional appliance for your family but also as a decorative asset for your kitchen.

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