Created in a garage in Macon, Georgia, Kudu Grills brings the unique cooking technique of South Africa straight to the American consumer's backyard. Stebin Horne founded Kudu Grills after traveling with the woman he loved to her family's home in South Africa. In doing so, he also fell in love with the tradition of cooking over an open flame together with family and friends.

What sets Kudu Grills apart from the competition are their unique multi-level and multi-style cooking apparatus. Every grill is equipped with nickel-plated elevation bars so you can raise and lower cooking surfaces over the flame as needed. This is ideal for heat management, as flame size and intensity are difficult to adjust. Enjoy swiftly searing jumbo shrimp on the 20-inch cooking surface while getting a juicy T-bone steak to its perfect doneness on the 16-inch skillet above, making for an unforgettable surf and turf meal.

The Kudu Grill is also portable for outdoor excursions, taking only 2 to 3 minutes to assemble or disassemble as needed. Take your Kudu to family outings, camping trips, and other outdoor activities where you will happily spend hours around an open flame with the people you love. Kudu allows you to take an enhanced cooking experience with you wherever you go without lugging around tons of heavy, moving parts.

To get the most out of your Kudu grill, the manufacturer also offers for sale Braai wood, more commonly known as acacia. This wood creates floral aromatics when used for cooking, imbuing your food with unique flavor. Braai wood burns longer than traditional woods and charcoals, lasting the duration of an entire evening soiree. Use as little as 1 log of Kudu Braai wood in conjunction with charcoal to taste the difference.

Once everyone has their food, convert your grill into a fire feature with Kudu Fire Rings. Simply connect the ring to the vertical bars and enjoy your meal with family and friends around the crackling glow of the flames.

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