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Kucht Professional is a manufacturer of mainly kitchen appliances. They are headquartered and based in Clifton, New Jersey and have been gaining momentum as a brand that excel in providing professional style ranges and kitchen appliances. Some of Kucht Professional appliances include built-in dishwashers, freestanding gas ranges, wine cooler storage units of varying storage capacity, under cabinet range hoods, wall mount range hoods, and other various kitchen equipment.

Kutch Professional ranges are built with the latest innovations. Their features include infrared broilers capable of 16,500 BTU of searing power, 22,000 BTU convection oven to provide quicker, effective oven cooking, precise heavy-duty control knobs, double-layer oven windows to retain heat, and high grade stainless steel paneling for sturdiness to name a few.

Kucht Professional have an unrelenting commitment to providing appliances with functionality, quality and design. With the contemporary shift in focus on culinary arts in the home kitchen, Kutch Professional appliances provides an effective choice in appliance that work as intended. They also manufacturing a quality appliance by using durable components, such as, stainless steel paneling to ensure Kutch Professional appliances are built to last. Additionally, Kutch Professional appliances are design to be vibrant and appealing. Above all, Kutch is constructed to satisfy the avid home culinary enthusiast, but considerably affordable than similar styled ranges offered by competitors.

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