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Kohler is a company founded by Austrian immigrant John Michael Kohler, a businessman and a visionary. In 1873, he bought a foundry in rural Wisconsin that manufactures a variety of cast-iron and steel products.10 years after, John Michael Kohler took a product in his line and heated it to 1700°F then sprinkled it with enamel powder. He placed a picture of it in the center of his one-page catalog. He called it "a horse trough/hog scalder". He said that if it is furnished with four legs, it will serve as a bathtub. Kohler was in the plumbing business and was among the top companies that invents and manufactures plumbing products. Early products included cast iron and steel farm implements, ornamental iron pieces including cemetery crosses and settees, and castings for furniture factories. In 1888, Kohler developed the original trademarked Bubbler. The Bubbler became popular, which drove other companies to develop similar products under the generic term "Drinking fountain."

Kohler's bath and kitchen fixtures are sold in many American hardware and home improvement stores as well as from kitchen and bath distributors. The company still makes traditional cast iron bathtubs. Aside from residential products, the company makes a commercial line of bathroom fixtures. Kohler also does artistic custom work including hand-painted sinks and toilets.

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Purist Series Artifacts Series Archer Series Margaux Series Devonshire Series Wellworth Series Composed Series Memoirs Series Components Series Bancroft Series Honesty Series Parallel Series Underscore Series Cimarron Series Revel Series Levity Series Forte Series Highline Comfort Height Series Riverby Series Memoirs Stately Series Elate Series Square Series Whitehaven Series Tresham Series Loure Series Pinstripe Series Awaken Series Vault Series Clearflo Series Iron/Tones Series Triton Bowe Series Mariposa Series Highline Classic Comfort Height Series Alteo Series Verdera Series Kumin Series Cairn Series Avid Series Simplice Series Coralais Series Tone Series Draft Series Tea-for-Two Series Eclectic Series Kelston Series Wellworth Classic Series WaterTile Series Undertone Series Graze Series Memoirs Stately Comfort Height Series Veil Series HydroRail-R Series Betello Series Hydrorail Series Flexjet Series Hint Series Iron Plains Series Corbelle Comfort Height Series Memoirs Classic Comfort Height Series Bellwether Series Rely Series Verticyl Series Kathryn Series Jute Series Taut Series Kingston Series Grand Series Memoirs Classic Series Stargaze Series Memoirs Comfort Height Series Cimarron Comfort Height Series Pitch Series Exhale Series Relic Series Vox Series Riff Series Poplin Series Crue Series Fairfax Series Ladena Series Bellera Series Staccato Series Strive Series SoHo Series Iron/Impressions Series Invigoration Series Wellspring Series Corbelle Series Archer Comfort Height Series Caxton Series Hartland Series Sunward Series Highline Series Sunstruck Series Serif Series Barrington Comfort Height Series DTV+ Series Verse Series Real Rain Series Minimal Series Damask Series Devonshire Comfort Height Series Solid/Expressions Series Decorative Series San Souci Comfort Height Series Whist Series Inia Wading Pool Series Persuade Curv Series Lustra Series Choreograph Series Brenham Series Kingston Comfort Height Series Steward Series Sculpted Series DTV Series Refinia Series Mach Series San Souci Series Vintage Series Deerfield Series Persuade Curv Comfort Height Series Tresham Comfort Height Series Windward Series Toccata Series Task Series Memories Classic Comfort Height Series Briolette Series Highcliff Ultra Series Memories Stately Comfort Height Series MasterShower Series Park Falls Series Moxie Series Reach Series Statement Series Villager Series July Series Groove Series Reve Series Awaken G110 Series Geometric Insight Series Derring Carillon Series Catalan Series Iron Plains Wadding Pool Series Kennon Series San Raphael Comfort Height Series Farmstead Series Barrington Series Poise Series Conical Bell Series Northland Series Stillness Series Toobi Series Carillon Wading Pool Series Tahoe Series Kallos Series Veer Series Awaken B110 Series Gooseneck Insight Series Brookfield Series Cape Dory Series Gooseneck Series Kathryn Comfort Height Series Gradient Series Cachet Series Antique Series Bakersfield Series DTV Prompt Series Jacquard Series Pinoir Series Spun Glass Series Stonewood Series HydroRail-S Series Mayfield Series Adair Comfort Height Series Poplin Marabou Series Expanse Series Modern Series Sensate Series Bannon Series Triko Series Persuade Comfort Height Series Ceric Series Ridgewood Series Flipside Series Ballast Series Iron Works Historic Series Branham Series Gilford Series Aquifer Series Bardon Series Puretide Series Farmington Series Soundtile Series Prolific Series Dutchmaster Series Border ReadyLatch Series Tournant Series Iron Works Series Kingston Ultra Series Invigoration Series DTV+ Series Triton Bowe Cannock Series Mendota Series Swiftflo Series Derring Series Rite-Temp Series Harken Series Kensho Series Lodern Series Executive Chef Series Shagreen Carillon Wadding Pool Series Undertone Trough Series 8 Degree Series Porto Fino Series Hudson Series Bancraft Series Brockway Series Satorial Paisely Carillon Series Rhythm Series Sok Series Glen Falls Series Pivot Series Dexter Series Morningside Series Undertone Preserve Series Digital interface Series Canvas Series Stages Series Industrial Series Ballad Series Santa Rosa Comfort Height Series Brevia Series Kelston Comfort Height Series Wellcomme Ultra Series PureWarmth Series Satorial Paisely Series Abrazo Series Strayt Series Contemporary Series C3-050 Series Aerie Series Bolero Series Tailored Series Escale Series Sartorial Caxton Series Stanwell Series San Tropez Series Eir Series Awaken G90 Series C -230 Series Pinstripe Pure Series C -155 Series Anglesey Comfort Height Series Napa Series Aquifer Plus Series Traditional Series Entity Series Tripoint Series Moderlife Series Hollister Series Refined Series Mach Wave Series Langlade Series RiverBath Series

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