Kobe Range Hoods

A longtime industry leader in home and kitchen ventilation, Kobe Range Hoods has been providing high quality products to the global marketplace for over forty years. Powered by one of the industry's most talented, innovative, and forward-thinking research and development teams, Kobe offers a wide selection of powerful, quality range hoods that combine functionality with elegant design in a wide variety of styles, from utilitarian and boxy to sophisticated, curved hoods with glass accoutrements to copper-colored, ornamented, and elegant. Kobe has made sure to provide a range hood in eveyr style to fit into every home and every kitchen. And with their unique QuietMode technology, their range hoods run so silently you'll have a hard time believing it's even running at all. These high quality range hoods will provide the vital service of venting steam, smoke, grease particles, and other airborne contaminants safely out of your kitchen and out of your home all the while running quietly and smoothly as they beautiful your kitchen at the same time. It's a combination that's hard to beat!

Kobe range hoods are made from only the finest materials and components, including up to 20-gauge stainless steel and components sourced from the highest quality manufacturers. It's this dedication to using only the best parts and most skillful labor that makes every Kobe range hood a marvel of design and production, truly a work of industrial art that you'll be using with pride for years to come. That's the Kobe promise, and they see it through every day.

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