Kitchen Range Buying Guide


Fire provides for sustenance of life. The ability to control fire enabled mankind to cook food. The kitchen stove or range (Depending on who you ask.) provided an efficient means to prepare hot meals. Early kitchen stoves were primitive applications that typically contained wood or charcoal as its primary source of heat. An appropriate cooking apparatus was placed on top and enabled the process in which food was able to be cooked.

Early renditions of the modern kitchen range came about during the 1790s, but the first gas stoves were first introduced during the 1820s which revolutionized the modern kitchen range. Later, when electricity became more popular and available, electric stoves started gaining momentum as an alternative to gas powered stoves. The first electric stove came about in the 1890s with one being showcased at a Worlds Fair in Chicago in 1893.

The cooking range is the central part of a modern day kitchen. People plan their entire kitchen design on the perfect range for their needs. Typically, the basis of a kitchen is defined as containing a stove. As a matter of fact, the prevalence of the kitchen is because of the invention of a cooking range/stove. Before, the kitchen stove was merely a simple appliance that provided a means to cook food. Nowadays, the modern kitchen cooking range/stove offers more advanced ways to meet the demand of todays culinary needs.


New ranges offer new features and not all features may be necessary for your requirements. The following are some features worth considering when looking for a new cooking range.



Larger units provide bigger ovens which in turn is able to accommodate larger baking needs. Also, four burners are mostly standard issue but five or even six burners provide for more capability. In the same regard, look for large center burners or griddle pans for more cooking capacity.

Control/Child Lockout

Control Lockout

Control lockout or Child lock is a great feature to prevent your children from needlessly playing with the controls or with unintentional activation when cleaning,

Double Oven

Double Ovens

Certain kitchen ranges provide two oven spaces. For the home baker, this provides ample opportunity to bake more.

Self Cleaning Mode

Self-Cleaning Mode

Most if not all ovens and electric ranges feature a convenient self-cleaning option to reduce the amount of effort to clean hard stuck-on messes.



There have been a lot of momentum and argument in favor of conventional ovens over traditional convection ovens. One of the main attributes that convectional ovens provide is even and consistent baking.

Purchasing a New Kitchen Range / Stove


Simply speaking, a cooking range will need to provide an adequate amount of burners and a preferred style of oven for your culinary capabilities. The following is a guideline to consider when buying a new kitchen cooking range or stove.

Budget: The top concern for all big appliance purchases is cost. Expect to reasonably spend anywhere from $300 to $2000. Expect to spend in the range of $4000 and upwards for professional chef-styled ranges. Depending on your culinary needs, home appliances offer standard, mid-range and high-end options; kitchen cooking ranges are no exception to that rule.

Size: As the old adage goes, measure twice cut once. It’s imperative to take note of the measurement of your intended range, as typically, cabinetry would be built around a unit. Usually, most ranges tend to be 30” wide, although, smaller and larger range options are available at 24” and 48” wide, respectively.

Types of Kitchen Ranges

The style of range is dependent on your culinary needs. More experienced home cooks or professional chefs may feel compelled to opt for a cooking range on the higher end of the spectrum. The following are the most popular kitchen cooking range/stoves on the market today.

Freestanding Range


Statistically, the most widely used style of range. Typically, the freestanding range has a finished look all around, a cook top with burners and an oven for baking. It also has a backdrop that usually has a clock and oven timer controls. This style is intended to fit anywhere your hookup allows.

Slide In Range


Similar in look as the aforementioned range but the slide-in range is not finished with the same panels on the sides as with the front and is intended to fit seamless with cabinetry. This style also contains no backdrop.

Drop In Range


Requires custom cabinetry, similar to the slide-in, the drop-in range has unfinished sides and the unit does not touch the floor. This style has no backdrop.

💡 QUICK TIP - Choose a style of range that best matches your home kitchen design with consideration to kitchen furniture.

Kitchen Range Hookup

Established homes generally have decided on whether or not you have a gas line.

Gas Range


Electric Range


Drop In Sink


Dual Fuel Range


Available if there is an existing gas line with your home. Gas is supplied into the range as a fuel source for the burners.


An alternative to gas, as well as, an option if gas is not a viable option. Typically, radiant heat is generated from metal coil elements.

Similar to electric but does not produce heat on the element itself but uses magnetic properties to heat up appropriate cookware itself to cook food.

A combination of gas cooktop and usually electric convection oven. This type of range is one of the most effective offered on the market today, borrowing restaurant-caliber influences and providing many cooking options.

💡 QUICK TIP - Choose the type that is right for you. If you have the option, gas and electric have certain advantages over the other.

Best Kitchen Ranges

Here are some product ideas for new cooking ranges/stoves based on popular review sites.

Gas: LG LRG4115ST 30" Gas Freestanding Convection Range with 6.3 cu. ft. Capacity was ranked best overall Gold Award by toptenreviews in comparison to other gas cooking ranges. The 18,500 BTU primary burner garnered the top remark as the highest output in ranges they reviewed. The oven’s 10-minute cleaning cycle also earned praise.


Electric: Maytag MER8700DB Electric Freestanding Convection Range with 6.2 cu. ft. Capacity earned a spot with toptenreviews and earned particular remarks for having a large cooking capacity.


Induction: Frigidaire FGIF3061NF Gallery 30" Electric Freestanding Convection Range with 5.4 cu. ft. Capacity earned best reviewed with consumersearch as their consideration for best induction range.


Dual Fuel: For the serious culinary arts enthusiast, there is the Smeg A3XU6 48" Dual-fuel Freestanding Convection Range with 3.2 cu. ft. Capacity. A monstrosity of a kitchen cooking range, this unit is capable of professional quality food preparation.


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Kitchen Cooktops

Kitchen cooktops are a great option for any home when space saving solutions are necessary or for folks who don't require an oven. Cooktops are also a great options even for folks who require an oven as single or double wall ovens are a nice feature to add to any kitchen to complete a modern motif. Kitchen cooktops are designed to fit flush into any style of countertop as space provides.

Gas Cooktop


Electric Cooktop


Induction Cooktop


Gas cooktops are great choice and economical too in terms of energy costs.

Electric cooktops are designed to meet the necessity for when a gas source is not an option.

A step up from standard electric, induction cooktops are a safer option because they only transmit heat from their elements to other appropriate metals to cook food.


ADA Compliant

ADA Compliant


Made In USA

Made in the USA

The Ranges meet the requirements set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Ranges made for commercial buildings requiring fixtures that can handle high volume of traffic.

These Ranges have been made here in the US and meet all high standards that means a high quality of the products.

Some Practical Advice

Safety: When dealing with big home renovations always take necessary precautions and consult with an expert or contractor first. Make sure to turn off the gas hookup or electrical circuit when removing or installing any range.

Performance: A lot of times, sales will throw out high BTU numbers as enticement. Most would not know what BTU even means. (British thermal unit, term of measurement for energy output) More BTU does not necessarily mean better range, most traditional home culinary needs do not require a lot of BTU. However, in that same regard, if you do require a lot of BTU output to satisfy your culinary needs then look for an appropriate unit.

Capacity: If 4 burners are not enough, look for 5 burner ranges. It may seem like an obvious statement but certain ranges cater to certain culinary needs such as a five-burner design with a large main burner in the middle for larger or odd-shaped cookware and griddle pan versatility or four-burner design with no other frills. Some amateur home cooks are avid bakers. Adequate oven space (think dual oven) is necessary for ambitious roasts or perhaps dual ovens for baking sweet desserts and savory casseroles, simultaneously.

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