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Kingston Brass has been creating plumbing fixtures since 1998. They offer traditional and contemporary styles with 14 different finishes. Their round tempered glass vessel sink offers a smooth interior surface and is made with high quality tempered glass. Kingston Brass kitchen faucets provides a more sleek and contemporary style compared to standard faucets. Their selection of fixtures is constructed with solid brass paired with a corrosion-resistant finish that provides long term durability. Complete your dream bathroom with a marble countertop vanity that adds an elegant look with natural stone and a polished marble surface.

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Kingston Brass Product Series

Vintage Series Concord Series Heritage Series Restoration Series Victorian Series Duchess Series Made To Match Series Metropolitan Series Kaiser Series Trimscape Series Millennium Series English Country Series Kingston Series Essex Series Magellan Series Aqua Eden Series Manhattan Series Royale Series Templeton Series Tudor Series Milano Series American Classic Series Claremont Series Bel-Air Series NuvoFusion Series SILVER SAGE Series Wilshire Series Naples Series Paris Series Georgian Series French Country Series Water Onyx Series Centurion Series Edenscape Series Belknap Series Governor Series Whitaker Series Heirloom Series Aqua Vintage Series Americana Series Legacy Series Monarch Series NuWave French Series Continental Series NuWave Series Showerscape Series Edwardian Series Pemberton Series Serena Series Knight Series Arcticstone Series English Vintage Series Elinvar Series Roman Series Yosemite Series Meridian Series Hamilton Series Laurel Series Dreyfuss Series Complement Series Camelon Series Century Series Berwyn Series Chatham Series Imperial Series Vilbosch Series Webb Series Kingston Commercial Series New York Series Wyndham Series Watercourse Series Addington Series Executive Series NuFrench Series Tacoma Series Nautical Series Classic Series Celebrity Series Aquaelements Series Krystal Onyx Series Fuller Series Columbia Series Fauceture Series Vista Series Baseline Series Tazatina Series English Classic Series Shower Scape Series Quadras Series American Patriot Series Studio Series Wesselman Series Nustudio Series Maximilien Series Gourmet Scape Series Uptowne Series Viceroy Series Jamestown Series Oriel Series New Haven Series Plumbing Parts Series Buckingham Series Sheridan Series Constantine Series Royal Series Hartford Series Bristol Series Habsburg Series Circlet Series Adascape Series Nyloom Series French Series Edinburg Series Fortress Series Towne Series Serano Series Frankfurt Series Inflection Series Provence Series Manchester Series Dessau Series Tuscany Series Petra Galley Series Kingston Brass Series Normandy Series Markus Series Fredrickson Series Metzinger Series Eden Series Dominica Series Santa Fe Series Loft Series Onamia Series Generic Series Queensbury Series Mesa Verde Series Bonaire Series Robert Series Anne Series Proseal Series Ambry Series Freesia Series Perfection Series Chaise Series Windsor Series Begonia Series Grenada Series Denver Series Mathsson Series Greenseal Series Ultra Modern Series

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