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KingsBottle Appliances

KingsBottle is a manufacturer of primarily wine cooler and beverage cooler storage appliance units. They have been a mark of excellence brand for specialty appliances in the European, Asian, and Australian markets. Although being fairly new to the American market, KingsBottle is confident they will become recognized as a wine storage expert in no time as they have been known for around the world.Having a perfect place to store wine or beverages is not enough, KingsBottle's simple, sleek and clean style of wine storage and beverage storage units will be the center of attention or remain flush in the background. Featuring high quality compressors that will run quietly, vibration free, premium digital display controllers, fan-circulation cooling, gas-charged and tempered glass with UV protection and hardwood shelves, KingsBottle combines these elements into one unit for perfection, offering coolers fit for a king.

KingsBottle offers new design and innovation all the time. With their 2016 lineup, they have incorporated a top quality, Italian brand Carel controller on their single zone wine and beverage coolers. They are highly regarded for their dependability, precise temperature control and effective cooling capabilities. Additionally, KingsBottle is providing a dual zone wine cooler that will feature a practical quality control board with digital display to conveniently manage two separate temperature zones in one unit perfect for both red and white wines. Also, KingsBottle has selected Embraco compressors to use in their wine and beverage centers, the innovative compressors provide for a more efficient and effective cool while maintaining low levels of noise. Finally, with their testament to their confidence in a quality product, KingsBottle has extended the standard 1-year manufacturer's warranty to 2 years from date of purchase starting in 2016.

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