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Kidz World Children's Furniture

Kids deserve the best, but so often people are tempted to shunt off lower quality products to them on the grounds that they won't notice because they don't know any better. So children's furniture is often constructed from cheap particle board and plywood, upholstered in low-quality fabrics, poorly designed and poorly built.

Kidz World is different. Founded in Calhoun City, Mississippi in 2009, Kidz World was built upon a vision: Kids deserve the best. No longer would children be forced to endure subpar construction and poor design; the vision of Kidz World was quality furniture made of the best materials, upholstered in quality fabrics. The vision was hardwood frames, comfortable foam cushioning, and themes that would delight and excite kids all around the country. The vision was one of long-lasting products which could be enjoyed for years to come rather than shoddy pieces that would quickly break. The vision was what the name promised: a Kidz World, all their own, where they'd be respected and given all the good things they needed and deserved. That's why every product Kidz World manufactures is construction on a quality, solid hardwood frame with the best craftsmanship available to ensure a sturdy piece of furniture capable of taking whatever your child gives it. And with licensed properties including Mossy Oak, the National Football League, collegiate sports, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Dinosaur Train, Barbie, Disney, Pinkalicious, and others adorning many of these products, these are products your child is sure to adore.

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