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Kenroy Home

Kenroy Home was founded in 1950, its mission is to remain a leader for all that is new in Home Decor and Lighting. It has established a heritage in chandeliers and then lamps, which was further expanded to include mirrors, fountains, and outdoor lighting. While it originally started inside the home, its charter has now expanded to huge products now including both indoor & outdoor. Kenroy Home's tag line "All Together Better", reflects a unique philosophy of bringing coordinated products in different styles that are tied together with the commitment to awesome design at reasonable prices. Its product portfolio and customer care help to cultivate long-term partnerships with the consumers and retailers. Kenroy Home is known for the finest in decor, performance and value.

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Kenroy Home Product Series

Dumas Series Wren Series Cozy Series Dale Series Ophelia Series Bulletin Series Amiens Series Vaughn Series Anemone Series Arne Series Courtney Series Capri Series Cavea Series Pyramid Series Edis Series Drake Series Celeste Series Tessa Series Nicole Series Marcella Series Ziggy Series Pannier Series Hixon Series Swanson Series Regas Series Swiv Series Lisbeth Series Everest Series Pembrooke Series Kendall Series Simba Series Alessandra Series Draper Series Prince Series Polar Series Lyonesse Series Paige Series Finlay Series Damien Series Riley Series Concha Series Leland Series Kyoto Series Kailey Series Alvar Series Jenkins Series Warren Series Katelyn Series Global Series Seven Series Ridley Series Levi Series Cagney Series Channel Series Cubed Series Miley Series Carrie Series Emilio Series Arlen Series Revolution Series Twigs Series Jaquelyn Series Tempest Series Mario Series Maverick Series Aurora Series Spruce Series Royal Series Steam Fitter Series Backstage Series Villa Series Bianca Series Escapade Series Thornton Series Desiree Series Rain Drop Series Stave Series Darina Series Adella Series Birdsong Series Gilbert Series Boardwalk Series Gemma Series Spyglass Series

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