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The Kamado Joe Difference
It’s all about the experience.
Kamado Joe is passionate about outdoor cooking. There’s something very primal and satisfying about grilling and smoking food over a charcoal fire. Kamado Joe also loves the rich smoky flavor that only natural lump charcoal can offer – it’s the difference between serving a meal and an outdoor feast. Kamado Joe's goal is for you to experience the high level of satisfaction we do each time you use a Kamado Joe grill.
Kamado Joe focuses more on the “product line”, than the “bottom line”.
That’s not to say Kamado Joe doesn't appreciate the rewards of hard work – we do. Kamado Joe just finds it hard to take shortcuts. When Kamado Joe finds better materials or develop a design improvement Kamado Joe integrates it, even if it costs us a little more. Kamado Joe truly believes you want products that function at the highest level, look aesthetically pleasing and last a lifetime.

Competition benefits everyone.
History proves that tension in the marketplace leads to better products, better service and lower prices. Kamado Joe has done their homework and found that some grills are good, while others wouldn’t make a good boat anchor – Kamado Joe is confident that these grills are the new benchmark. Kamado Joe enjoys a good rivalry and if by chance one motivates others to build more value into their products, then everyone wins. Compare Kamado Joe grills to the competition. Kamado Joe is confident you’ll find that Kamado Joe uses higher grade materials, a superior design and all at a preferred price – That’s the Kamado Joe Difference.

Kamado Joe Premium Features
--> Stainless Steel Fittings and Fastenings.
--> Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Side Shelves and Bands.
--> Stainless Steel Cooking Grate with Hinged Door.
--> Heavy Duty Finished Bamboo Handle and Side Shelves
  (mildew and weather-resistant).
--> Extra Large Thermometer with Cooking Guide.
--> 8 Welded Utensil Pins (4 on Each Side Shelf).
--> Heavy Duty Powder Coated Cart.
--> Locking Cart Wheels.
--> Comes Fully Assembled.

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