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Kalco Lighting is known for manufacturing designs and handcrafts lighting fixtures that range from traditional to contemporary. It is reputable for its rich finishes and unique materials. Kalco treats all of its products as a work of art. Kalco's line includes pendants, billiard and island lighting, outdoor lanterns, chandeliers, wall sconces, bathroom lights, and flush mounts. For over 34 years, the company has been a leader in the Lighting Industry.

Kalco designs lighting fixtures that could compliment any environment. Its design teams carefully design and craft each product, assimilating rich details into it. Its products start as premium iron stock, which are heated in a fire pit and shaped with a hammer and anvil. Kalco has skilled artisans, whose skills in crafting has been honed by years of training and experience. Its products have been hand painted using many layering techniques to create the best finishes.

Kalco Lighting pride itself for offering a wide variety of design options. Rather than pre-selecting complementary finishes and shades for its designs, Kalco provides its clients the chance to personally select the finish and shade that will best complement the decor. The company's exclusive natural shades bring warmth and beauty to any room in the house. Its Iridescent Shell, Penshell, and Buddha Leaf shades were hand-laid by skilled Filipino artisans, while the Calcite shades they have come directly from a mine in Utah. These shades create a luminescent work of art.

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Kalco Product Series

Americana Series Copenhagen Series Grande Series Mirabelle Series Aegean Series Tribecca Series G-Cleft Series Somerset Series Ibiza Series Outdoor Series Ponderosa Series Windsor Series Vine Series Grayson Series Meteor Series Montgomery Series Rodeo Drive Series Santa Barbara Series Aspen Series Milo Series Seabrook Series Brierfield Series Cameo Series Santa Barbara Outdoor Series Palladium Series Monaco Series Lorne Series Ronan Series Solana Series Vero Series Giada Series Tudor Outdoor Series Belmont Series Regent Series Huntington Series Harper Series Kingston Series Malibu Series Corona Series Keller Series Clearwater Series Ashbourne Series Hartford Outdoor Series Meridian Series Lansdale Series Anastasia Outdoor Series Coronado Series Ponderosa Outdoor Series Cirrus Series Halo Series Montauk Series Sharlow Series Destin Series Shelby Series Gramercy Series Naples Series Willow Series Catalina Series Norwalk Series Edgewater Series South Bay Series Newport Series Galvaston Series Morro Bay Series Bexley Series Duluth Series Harlowe Series Bridgeport Series Sutter Series Trellis Series Bogart Series Chelsea Series Esmeralda Series Morre Series Roxy Series Anchorage Series Taza Series Sherwood Outdoor Series Mae Series Dover Series Palisade Series Pacifica Series Esperanza Series Prado Series Eternity Series Delano Series Miramar Series Essex Series Ambassador Series Stuyvesant Series Winchester Outdoor Series Emery Series Livingston Series Belle Grove Series Ashington Series Middleton Series June Series Wickenburg Series Hudson Series Oakham Series Irvine Series Calypso Series Morris Series Bianco Series Loveland Series Palomar Series Mercer Series Atlantis Series Bal Harbour Series Bradbury Series Denali Series Whittaker Series Dulce Series Weston Series Metro Series Paloma Series Chester Outdoor Series Atelier Series Fulton Series Monterey Outdoor Series Belmont Outdoor Series Jardin Series Lakewood Outdoor Series Marina Series Broadway Series Soho Series Allegheny Series Belladonna Series Aurora Series Biscayne Series Arlington Series Dillon Series Ella Series Saddlebrook Outdoor Series Olivia Series Emerson Outdoor Series Tempest Series Allston Series Avanti Series Newhall Series Emilia Series Metropolis Series Aqueous Series Lassen Series Arcata Series Colony Series Waverly Series Bainbridge Series Metro I Series Metro III Series Genevieve Series Espille Series Massina Series Beechwood Series Pompano Series Lincoln Series Corsa Series Camilla Series Stella Series Dupont Series Somers Series Carrara Series LaSalle Series Metro II Series Lansing Series Kiera Series Napa Series Acadia Series Ainsley Series Laramie Series Rothwell Series Isabel Series Larson Series Foster Series Lunaire Series Fossil Series Neptune Series Cordova Series Revere Outdoor Series Highland Series Bleecker Series Holmes Series Sundance Series Rhapsody Series Marrero Series Madison Series Ariel Series Crystal Cove Series Eames Series Townsend Series Unie Series Calistoga Series Covington Series Sussex Series Ludlow Series Odessa Series Drew Series Cestino Series Cape May Series Avalon Series Bombay Series Barrymore Series Arroyo Series Contemporary Series

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