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Jenn-Air invented the first self-ventilating downdraft range and now produces high quality luxury appliances in all major categories. The brand has something for every area of your kitchen: ice makers, built-in coffee machines, cooktops, ranges, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, range hoods, refrigerators, beverage centers, and more!

Each of their appliance are constructed to meet Jenn-Air's high standards. A few of Jenn-Air's most notable features can be found in their refrigeration. Jenn-Air's attention to detail extends to both their aesthetic design choices and technology. Some of the Jenn Air-Refrigerators have an obsidian interior that's exclusive to this brand. It allows the colors of your food to really pop, making them the obvious visual focal point in your fridge. There refrigerators are available as panel-ready and fully-integrated models. They install flush and can be made to completely disappear in your kitchen by blending into the surrounding cabinetry. Jenn-Air makes side-by-side refrigerators, French door refrigerators, bottom freezer fridges and compact refrigerators with this obsidian interior. They have climate control drawers, a preservation feature that delays over-ripening by absorbing ethylene gas, a precision temperature management system with a variable-speed compressor and independent sensor in each compartment, and soft-close drawers for added elegance.

The innovation doesn't end there, it extends to Jenn-Air cooking appliances too. Many models of Jenn-Air ranges and wall ovens have Aqualift Self-Cleaning Technology. This new technology optimizes the standard self-cleaning cycle by cutting down the time it takes and the temperature. It also cuts down on the odors associated with this method of cleaning. Many models also have Dual-Fan Multi-Mode True Convection systems with six distinct convection cooking modes--like bake, roast, and broil. Another great feature for ovens and range from Jenn-Air is their Auto Convection Conversion system that will automatically convert the cooking time and temperature necessary to complete your recipe to the right convection settings on the appliance.

A noticeable theme with Jenn-Air appliances that's evident in their innovative features, is their commitment to providing aesthetic luxury and incredible convenience simultaneously to make your life easier and your kitchen more stylish.

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