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An In-Depth Guide to Jenn-Air Appliances

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For over 50 years, Jenn-Air has been dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, sophisticated appliances that shine in both performance and aesthetic design. Jenn-Air first burst on the scene in 1961 for creating the legendary downdraft cooktop but their lineup of appliances has since grown to be comprehensive and refined. The unprecedented performance and modern design elements are evident in nearly every major category. Whether you're designing your kitchen from scratch or looking to replace some of your outdated appliances, Jenn-Air provides timeless options to upgrade your kitchen. In this article, we will explore some of our favorite Jenn-Air appliances and their innovative features from a wide variety of categories.

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Jenn-Air 48 Inch Freestanding Gas Range

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Jenn-Air - JGRP548WP - Upgrade your home kitchen with professional kitchen style with Jenn-Air's new 48" Pro-Style Freestanding Gas Range. This magnificent range features the Dual-Fan MultiMode True Convection system with a 1,200-watt oval heating element and two round fans that distribute heat evenly and thoroughly throughout the oven cavity. The cooktop includes two 20,000 BTU Stacked PowerBurners that are perfect for high-temperature cooking techniques. Additionally, you can utilize the 700-5,000 BTU simmer burners for low-temperature tasks. A high-performance 1,320-watt electric griddle sits on top and offers even heat for consistent cooking across the entire surface. Experience precise control over cooking functions with a beautiful 7-inch full-color touch-anywhere LCD display.

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Dual-Fan MultiMode True Convection

Dual-Fan MultiMode True Convection - Features a 1,200-watt oval heating element and two round fans for even and thorough heat distribution. Six different convection modes all deliver consistent results.

20,000 BTU Stacked PowerBurners

20,000 BTU Stacked PowerBurners - Each PowerBurner offers two burners stacked in one location to provide 20,000 BTUs for high-temperature cooking techniqures.

Electric Griddle

Electric Griddle - High performance 1,320-watt chrome griddle allows for consistent cooking with even heat distribution across the entire surface. Durable chrome surface and easy to clean.

Jenn-Air 36 Inch Electric Induction Smoothtop Style Cooktop

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Jenn-Air - JID4436ES - Experience the latest in cooktop technology with Jenn-Air's revolutionary 36" Electric Induction Smoothtop Style Cooktop. This cooktop features two bridge elements and a built-in 350 CFM downdraft ventilation system. The downdraft system uses innovative proximity ventilation to capture unwanted smoke, steam, and odors at the cooking surface. The futuristic pan-detection technology senses your cookware before enabling the heating element and automatically switches off upon removal. Combine two induction elements into one larger, oval shaped element to accommodate larger cookware such as griddles. The design of this cooktop is inconspicuous but attractive and offers quiet operation by keeping much of the sound of ventilation out of the kitchen.

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Downdraft Ventilation

Downdraft Ventilation - Developed and refined by Jenn-Air, the system employs proximity ventilation to rid your kitchen of unwanted smoke, steam, and odors.

Pan Detection

Pan Detection - Advanced sensors detect cookware before heating elements are enabled. When pots or pans are removed, the element automatically switches off.

Performance Boost

Performance Boost - Quickly heat cookware, boil liquids, and sear meats by raising the temperature above the highest settings for up to 10 minutes.

Jenn-Air 30 Inch Electric Single Wall Oven

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Jenn-Air - JJW2430DS - One modern alternative to traditional range ovens is a cooktop + wall oven configuration. The perfect complement to a cooktop is this Jenn-Air 30" Electric Single Wall Oven. Enjoy the powerful Multimode Convection System with three radiant elements that provide consistent heat throughout the oven. The rapid preheat feature reduces the waiting time for preheating and allows you to bake on two oven racks with no flavor crossover. Jenn-Air's popular MyCreations function allows you to easily combine multiple cooking modes and save your preferences for your favorite recipes. The attractive 4.3" full-color menu-driven LCD display offers intuitive menus, precise control over oven functions, and the option to save your favorite settings for future cooking sessions.

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Telescopic Glide Shelf

Telescopic Glide Shelf - Sliding oven rack allows for more convenient access to food being cooked inside the oven. Provides easier handling of hot and heavy dishes without having to reach inside.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen Lighting - Offers a convenient view of oven interior and allows you to see food clearly so you can check progress on dishes without opening the oven door.

Common Cutout

Common Cutout - Single and double wall ovens fit into existing cutout space for nearly every brand's wall ovens. Each oven fits into the smallest cutout and allows for custom fitting.

Jenn-Air 30 Inch Wall Mount Recirculating Range Hood

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Jenn-Air - JXW8530DS - No home kitchen is complete without proper ventilation for your more sizzling recipes! Jenn-Air's new 30" wall mount recirculating range hood touts 600 CFM blower support, perfect for rapidly ridding the air of smoke and steam. The powerful ventilation capabilities are only matched by the sleek, attractive stainless-steel design which is sure to match any modern kitchen décor. With LED task lighting and upward-facing LED ambient lighting, your cooking surface and kitchen will be gently illuminated. The Auto-Sense function automatically turns the ventilation system on and adjusts the power to appropriate levels. The intuitive capacitive touch controls only require a light touch for operation and provide a seamless look tha's easy to clean.

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LED Ambient Lighting

LED Ambient Lighting - Upward-facing ambient LED lighting provides gentle illumination to your kitchen and adds an attractive and distinctive touch to any décor.

Capacitive Touch Controls

Capacitive Touch Controls - Innovative and intuitive touch controls are activated by a light touch and offer an easy-to-clean, elegant design for your cooking area.

Perimetric Extraction

Perimetric Extraction - Sophisticated design provides exceptional performance and quiet operation. The attractive aesthetic is sure to stand out in any kitchen.

Jenn-Air Trifecta Series 24 Inch Built-in Fully Integrated Dishwasher

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Jenn-Air - JDB9800CWS - Post-meal cleanup just got even easier with Jenn-Air's latest 24" built-in fully integrated dishwasher. This dishwasher shines brilliantly in every facet thanks to the TriFecta Wash System. No need to choose between powerful cleaning, water/energy reduction, or quieter operations because the TriFecta system delivers all three in stride. The built-in water softener enhances the dishwasher's performance and helps protect your dishes as well as your dishwasher from build-up and limescale. Gone are the days of hand-drying dishes after a lackluster drying cycle in an inferior dishwasher. Jenn-Air's Precision Dry option automatically and precisely chooses the optimal drying cycle to accompany the wash cycle chosen.

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TriFecta Wash System

TriFecta Wash System - Brilliant cleaning, water/energy reduction, and quieter operations make up the Jenn-Air Trifecta. Expect superior results and nearly silent operation.

Removable 3rd Level Rack with RollerGlide Design

Removable 3rd Level Rack with RollerGlide Design - Removable, top-most rack can accommodate larger and oddly shaped items or for overflow silverware.

Sensor Wash Cycle with ClearScan Turbidity Sensor

Sensor Wash Cycle with ClearScan Turbidity Sensor - Advanced and versatile cycle that calibrates your dishwasher to use the optimal wash program to clean your dishes.

Jenn-Air 48 Inch Built-in Side-by-Side Refrigerator

jenn air refrigerator
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Jenn-Air - JS48PPDUDE - Make Jenn-Air's latest 48" built-in side-by-side refrigerator the cornerstone of your kitchen design! The interior of this fridge features a dazzling Obsidian finish and the alternative from traditional white/grey finishes is sure to wow your guests! The sensor-controlled Precision Temperature Management system monitors and adjusts internal temperatures for optimal cooling. The refrigerator is illuminated by brilliant multi-point LED theater lighting which increases visibility and showcases food items against the obsidian interior finish. Independent control of the refrigerator and freezer compartment temperatures is simple and precise with the capacitive touch controls with LED display. Enjoy crisp and cool water/ice with the convenient through-the-door ice and water dispenser!

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Precision Temperature Management System

Precision Temperature Management System - Advanced sensor controlled system that employs a variable-speed compressor to monitor and adjust temperatures in each section.

Advanced Climate Control Drawer

Advanced Climate Control Drawer - Dedicated storage drawer with electronic controls for precise, independent temperature controls.

Multi-Point LED Theater Lighting

Multi-Point LED Theater Lighting - Brilliant LED lights offer increased visibility and showcases food items against the obsidian interior finish.

Jenn-Air Kitchen Appliance Packages

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We offer several different configurations of Jenn-Air kitchen appliance packages, some of which include the aforementioned products. Whether you're designing a brand-new kitchen setup or upgrading your existing one, Appliances Connection is the ideal destination! Find the right configuration of Jenn-Air's premium appliances and turn your home kitchen into a professional-style custom kitchen! You'll also enjoy great savings with exclusive Jenn-Air rebates and appliance package deals so don't miss out!

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