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J and M Furniture is known for producing high quality of furniture that has a modern design and multiple well-functioning features. From office desks, tables, mounts and stands to beds, and sofas J and M Furniture brings extravagant look to any room.

J and M Furniture is committed manufacturing a hand products are crafted by skilled artisans using the latest state of art technology as well as years of experience. J and M Furniture uses the highest quality of materials. For instance, they use hand selected woods, wood veneers and natural and finest German hardware by Blum etc.

J and M Furniture comes in different colors such as, white, black, beige, brown, grey, taupe and walnut to make sure that these products to match any kitchen decor that customers have.

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J and M Furniture Product Series

A761 Series Giulia Series Porto Series Faro Series Lorenzo Series A973 Series Naples Series A973B Series Palermo Series Karma Series Milan Series 625 Series Copenhagen Series Cloud Series Chiara Series 397 Series Giorgio Series Sintra Series Constantin Series Glitz Series Nicolo Series Leonardo Series Braga Series Lagos Series Verona Series Lisbon Series Sanremo Series Amora Series Bosa Series Vera Series SoHo Series Monte Leone Series DECO Series Infinity Series Lucca Series Blade Series New York Series Tower Series Fiocco Series Turin Series Shanghai Series Davenport Series Sunset Series Oslo Series Maia Series Lego Series ADA Series Sparta Series Paris Series Premium Series Stoneage Series Moderna Series Almada Series Santana Series Roma Series Amsterdam Series Cooper Series Davos Series King Series Picasso Series Lucera Series Valentina Series Vanity Series Tribeca Series Knotch Series Napa Series Florence Series Knight Series Marsala Series Evora Series Milano Series Valeria Series Matisse Series Da Vinci Series Sparta Mini Series Aurora Series I716 Series Mika Series Divina Series Liam Series I867 Series Degas Series Monet Series Metropolitan Series I763 Series Cozy Series Astro Series DC-13 Series Wave Series Nova Series Giovani Series Alba Series Hudson Series Beja Series Maya Series Dream Series Ocean Series Glamour Series Eden Series Magic Series Gaia Series LK06-1 Series Serena Series Alice Series Guscio Series Viola Series I730 Series Nila Series MC Miami Series Athena Series Allegra Series Nina Series Clay Series Elizabeth Series Chelsea Lux Series Giselle Series Taylor Series Mood Series MC Chicago Series I794 Series Ipanema Series MC Class Series Perla Series Cortina Series 1717 Series Comfy Series Evory Series Prague Series Cour Series Julius Series Agata Series Olivia Series Atrium Series Evergreen Series Ariana Series Vella Series Noho Series 625 Series Series Uptown Series Gap Series Lauren Series A978B Series Antonio Series MC Houston Series LeCoultre Series Hazel Series Hotel Series Float Series Downtown Series Jenny Series Prive Series Fleurier Series MC Dallas Series Star Series

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