Introducing Miele's New and Improved W1 T1 Line of Washers and Dryers

Introducing Miele's New and Improved W1 T1 Line of Washers and Dryers

The highly anticipated W1 T1 Laundry System by Miele is now available and is already transforming the laundry industry! Miele has boldly and successfully established their presence in the high-end appliance niche by offering high-end appliances for years now, which is why there's been so much buzz about the new W1 T1 Laundry System.

Also known as the Everything Washer & Anywhere Dryer, the W1 T1 Laundry System Line includes three washing machines and two tumble dryers that are able to offer users the cutting edge features that make doing laundry a breeze.

Miele is a company that stands for innovation, aesthetic beauty, and quality. They are often recognized by third parties for their modern design and dedication to providing the best for their customers.

W1 T1 = Luxury Laundry System

What is it that makes Miele's high-end laundry systems stand out from the rest? Miele is an award-winning luxe appliance manufacturer that places a large focus on quality, which is why their laundry systems are built to last much longer than another brand names.

The company is one that also supports convenience and that's why all models in the W1 T1 Laundry System have a compact design with a 23.5" width. They're also stackable to even further reduce their footprint.

The new W1 Everything Washer Line utilizes the Miele Leak Protection System, which includes a built-in sump for overflow protection.

The T1 Anywhere Dryer is truly unique to Miele as a 120 volt electric dryer. That means it can be plugged into any standard wall outlet in the United States. Paired with the unit's ventless feature, this is a dryer that lives up to its "Anywhere" moniker

Miele Stacked

Energy Star Rated

All three Everything Washers and both Anywhere Dryers meet the strict performance standards set forth by the EPA and are therefore Energy Star Efficient, which means that users save on both water and electricity.

Energy Efficiency

Because the heat pump dryer allows for the maximum efficiency with optimal results, the Anything Dryer is up to 60% more efficient than conventional dryers, making T1 tumble dryers one of the most efficient dryers available on the market today.


Miele WWF060WCS Everything Washer

Miele WWF060WCS

This model is Miele's entry level Everything Washer and is a front loading washing machine and includes the following features:

  • Honeycomb Drum. Miele patented their honeycomb drum technology that allows their washers to offer the best washing capabilities, and for all types of fabrics.
  • CapDos. Makes it super easy to dispense specialty detergents, fabric softeners and any additives, which involves using already portioned capsules for extreme convenience.
  • WiFiConn@ct. Users are able to connect with their W1 Everything Washer using WiFi, which allows them to manage their W1 T1 Laundry System from their cell phone. This means that at a glance they'll have access to time remaining, the TwinDos cartridge level, the ability to reorder detergents, and more!
  • 13 unique preset cycles
  • Miele's signature 1600 RPM Motor!
  • Drain hose and flexible intake hose are included

Miele WWH660WCS Everything Washer

Miele WWH660WCS

This is Miele's standard level Everything Washer and is a front loading washing machine like no other out there. Features include:

  • All the features listed in the washer above plus...
  • TwinDos. TwinDos allows users to dispense a predetermined amount of detergent automatically during the washing process using a 2-phase detergent cartridge system. This means that the TwinDos system is able to wash everything thoroughly, ensuring users always get the optimal cleaning results they expect from a quality washing machine. The TwinDos system also means convenience because there's only a need to change the cartridge once a month.
  • Additional wash cycles are included for gentle washing and tough washing, for a total of 18 wash cycle options.

Miele WWH860WCS Everything Washer

Miele WWH860WCS

This is Miele's premium level washer and is a front loading washing machine that's transforming the way laundry is done. Features include:

  • All the features listed in the washers above plus...
  • QuickIntense Wash. Fast and thorough, the QuickIntense washing feature provides users with the ability to clean their laundry in less than an hour!
  • SingleWash. This super convenient washing option lets users easily wash small loads (@ 2.2 lbs) in only about half the time, and while using up to 70% less water and 25% less energy, all while still providing the best cleaning results!


Miele TWF160WP Anywhere Dryer

Miele TWF160WP

This is Miele's entry level Anywhere Dryer. It's compact, stackable and comes with a white door. This dryer includes the following features:

  • Large Loads. Even though compact, the T1 Anywhere Dryer offers a max load of 17.6 pounds, impressive for a 4.1 cubic feet drum.
  • Ventless Technology. Ventless dryer technology means that there's no duct work necessary, which means that there are more installation options besides the traditional laundry room dryer setup. The Anywhere Dryer is often installed in a closet, so all one has to do is leave the doors open during the drying cycle for better air circulation.
  • Heat Pump Technology. The reason why the T1 Anywhere Dryer is so energy efficient is because of the heat pump technology used, which regenerates low heat temperatures.
  • FragranceDos. A special holder allows users to add a fragrance pod to their laundry when drying, which are available in a few different scents
  • AutoSense. The T1 Anywhere Dryer includes a moisture features that allows the dryer to automatically know how long it takes to dry a particular load.
  • 10 preselected dryer programs

Miele TWI180WP Anywhere Dryer

Miele TWI180WP

This is Miele's premium level Anywhere Dryer. It's compact, stackable and comes with a see-through glass door. The dryer includes the following features:

  • Includes all features listed in the dryer above plus...
  • SteamFinish Technology. Users can choose to release a fine mist of steam that can help smooth out unwanted wrinkles or refresh clothes in no time at all.
  • Specialized Pillow Drying Programs

Bottom Line

The W1 T1 Laundry System is one that has been highly anticipated as it takes doing laundry to a whole new level, and it does so by offering users a high-end laundry system that is more than convenient.

It can wash and dry laundry like no other brand can. When it comes to high-quality quality fabric care, only Miele's high-end appliances can provide users with a truly exceptional laundry care system that can simply make their lives easier.

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