Infinita Furniture

For years an industry leader in home lifestyle products for both indoors and outdoor living, Infinita makes the highest quality products out of the best materials available. Their wide selection includes everything from occasional furnishings such as bookcases, buffets, and consoles to heaters and floor tiles, all made of the highest quality teak wood. Infinita is eternally vigilant to make sure they use only the best woods; that's why all their teak is kiln-dried to industry specifications. Teak is an amazing miracle wood, imported from Indonesia by the Dutch, with remarkable properties. Teak is never slippery when wet, doesn't sliver or splinter, resists all but the most extreme temperatures with ease, and doesn't easily mildew, mold, or decay, meaning your furniture will be in excellent condition under even the harshest conditions. That's why teak and it's natural, smooth finish is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and in it's red-toned natural state provides a great accent to any home.

Using this miracle product, Infinita handles all its own design in-house or in close cooperation with suppliers and contracted production houses. This means that Infinita is able to apply the strictest safety and quality standards to every piece of furniture to bear its name in their wide selection. This assurance of quality is something Infinita prides itself on, and we're proud to be able to offer Infinita products here at Their commitment to excellence is out commitment to you, and that's a promise.

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