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Indoor Fireplaces

Indoor Fireplaces

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If you haven't purchased a fireplace for your home yet, but you are excited about how they look and how efficient they are, you still can make owning one a reality. The best reason to purchase one is the ease of installation and the amount of savings.

Fireplaces come in two kinds of packaging; pre-built or ready to be built, with supplies included. The first things you need to think about before purchasing an indoor fireplace is what type of fuel you will want to burn, the vent type, and the style.

The most popular one available is a gas indoor fireplace. They give off a great amount of heat and are really efficient. The look and feel of a gas indoor fireplace will be the same as a conventional fireplace. But, now you have more options and very little maintenance. Gas Fireplaces come in 3 types: Direct Vent, Insert, and Vent Free.

Direct Vent Fireplaces do not need a chimney and can be vented through the wall or roof. They draw in the air from the outside, and vents the air back outside. There is no cold draft getting through to the house like a conventional fireplace would.

Direct Vent Inserts fit into a pre-existing fireplace. Some modifications may need to be made. They do not pollute the air like open a wood burning old style chimney. They produce a lot of heat and look great.

Vent Free Fireplaces are a state of the art technology that can generate up to 30,000 BTU's of power. They are a great way to bring a lot of heat and style to your home. They can be installed anywhere and there are a lot of accessory options. Check with your local codes and regulations regarding vent free fireplaces.

Also, new to fireplaces are Eco Friendly BioEthanol fireplaces. With same great style and appeal of any other fireplace you can own the smart way to heat your home. The benefits of owning a BioEthenol Burning Fireplace are:
  • no hazardous emissions
  • portability
  • save on fuel
  • emits moderate warmth
  • smokeless and ash less
  • only need to replace the burner
  • renewable energy source made from corn or sugar

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