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IMG Imports

IMG Imports is one of the world's leading importers and suppliers of high-quality home bathroom products. Specializing in bathroom furniture, accessories, cosmetics, ceramics, sinks & vessels, and much more, IMG offers a wide selection of artistic creations from many of the world's leading designers. IMG has become the one-stop go-to for people looking to find something unique, something a more than merely ordinary, something special and personal -- IMG is here to help you design a bathroom that, far from being the most neglected room in the house, is instead a beautiful space that speaks intensely of you.

IMG has long been proud to be considered the standard by which others are judged when it comes to high quality bathroom fixtures, fittings, ceramics, and accents, in addition to offering extraordinarily high-quality service. With years of service experience in the plumbing industry, their line of innovative bathroom products and designs are perfectly suited for home use, and have proven an enormous influence on the entire industry, earning them a reputation for quality. That's how IMG Imports has led the reinvention and the restoration of the home bathroom into a place, not simply for its traditional uses, but for the restoration of the self.

IMG takes great pride in its excellent products, each from a leading designer and built to last. It's that commitment to excellence and quality that has earned them their well-deserved place in our carefully curated catalog of remarkable things. We're proud to partner with IMG Imports to bring their exceptional products to you.

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