Ikon makes high quality commercial equipment for your commercial space. If you have a restaurant, bar, diner, coffee shop, or any other type of commercial space, Ikon has many commercial products to choose from. There are commercial freezers, commercial refrigerators, and bar refrigerators that will properly store your food.

The Ikon Series offers refrigerators and freezers that have four wheels for easy transportation from room to room. Refrigerator models have either one door, two, or even three. Depending on which model you choose, there are refrigerators with glass doors if you prefer that over stainless steel doors. The number shelves in a unit could range from three to six depending on the model you choose. There are also pizza prep tables with built-in refrigerators that allow you to organize and store items so you can prepare a variety of dishes including pizza. For your chef needs, there are simple chef bases so you can handle simple cooking and preparation tasks.

Ikon commercial appliances use features such as electronic thermostats, foam insulation, and door locks. The electronic thermostats will accurately depict the temperature of your refrigerator or freezer, with an easy-to-read display. The foam insulation ensures that food and drinks will be stored properly and stay consistently fresh. Ikon appliances are CFC-free which means that they are ozone-friendly and climate-friendly, so they will not damage the ozone layer.

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