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Bringing a nostalgic design into the 21st century, iio refrigerators use the latest technology while being energy efficient. Iio aims to give you the perfect personal home appliances no matter what type of personal space you have, whether it's a loft, condo, kitchen office, apartment, Airbnb, or your dream house. Every iio appliance surpass all EnergyStar requirements, making them very energy efficient.

Iio has four distinct series of appliances that allows you to find the refrigerator that will match your taste. The iio Retro Series refrigerators use a classic design, with remarkable colors, innovative technology, and a chrome finish. The Retro-Mod Series blends that classic design but uses modern angles and the latest technology. Inspired by 1950's California styling, the Vintage Series features 5" thick doors and an elegant coastal color palette. Then to save on space and energy, the Fun Series carries the slimmest refrigerators out of all the other series with a 21.5" exterior width, but has more flexibility than many full-sized refrigerators. The Retro, Retro-Mod, and Fun Series all have a bottom freezer for convenient freezing.

There are multiple features that these iio refrigerators use throughout their different series. Features in the Retro Series include their AdapTech digital cooling system with digital controls, and XtremeFreeze flash freezing. The Retro-Mod Series has its Fast Cool feature with electronic controls, rollout freezer drawers, and 360-degree airflow for better air circulation. The Vintage series has retro-styled adjustable controls and an easy to reach freezerette that you don't have to bend over to reach for. Led lights in the Fun Series makes it easier to find food including in the easy to reach freezer bins. With all of the refrigerators that iio has to offer, you can find one that'll fit your needs.

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