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Ice-O-Matic Ice Makers

Ice. Pure and simple.

As part of the Scotsman Industries family of brands, for more than fifty years, Ice-O-Matic has served the whole world as the premier manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of high-quality ice machines. Nobody else can provide finer, clearer ice in a wide variety of forms including cubes, chops, and Pearl Ice. That's because they've spent decades leading the development of industry-redefining commercial technologies, from the AgION Antimicrobial Compound to the world's most environmentally-friendly ice makers. Nobody else can offer advances like that, and it's why the commercial world trusts Ice-O-Matic, whose worldwide network of retailers, distributors, and most importantly service technicians ensures you'll always have help when you need it. Not that you will -- Ice-O-Matic ice machines are unparalleled in their durability and reliability in long and short term. Which means that even if you've had it for years, Ice-O-Matic will still service it.

Ice-O-Matic is dedicated to bringing you the world's best, simplest, easiest-to-use ice machines, and they always have been. Additionally, every Ice-O-Matic ice machine is backed by a world-class support network. You never need to fear when you use Ice-O-Matic ice machines! This commitment to reliability, durability, versatility, and overall quality has earned Ice-O-Matic ice machines a global reputation for excellence in every category, meaning that they have earned their well deserved place in our carefully curated catalog of remarkable things. It's why we here at Appliances Connection are proud to be partnering with Scotsman Industries and Ice-O-Matic to bring their wares to market.

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