How to Get a $2,000 Kitchen on a $600 Budget

The best way to buy appliances is to stretch your budget with one of Appliances Connection's great financing options.

Upgrading your kitchen is a major investment, so it's important to do it right! Cabinetry costs aside, kitchen appliances can be very expensive and the best usually are. One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a new look is by upgrading your appliances. Like with any big purchase, you need to figure out how much you have to spend (Hint: It may be more than you think!).

Budget is obviously one of the most important components when shopping. In fact, all smart shoppers will advise you to have a budget range before you even start looking for the item you want to help you narrow down your choices and stay within your financial "comfort-range." However, the issue with a strict budget is that it assumes you will only pay for the appliances in a lump sum so you're limited to whatever hard cash you have available to you at the time and that is no longer the most effective way to shop.

Over the years, more and more people have been choosing the convenience and security of financing to pay for their high-ticket purchases over a longer period of time. Financing allows you to stretch your budget and ensures that your remaining monthly funds (after all of your bills have been paid) will remain reasonable so you can avoid having to tighten your belt for a few months after that big purchase.

At Appliances Connection, we offer several different financing options, including PayPal Credit, no interest 24-month financing from Citibank and 36-month (that's three years!) financing from Bread with the lowest monthly payments. For PayPal Credit, you can use the card associated with your account and choose a special financing options, like no-interest for 6 months if paid in full. You'll have to pay interest if you choose Bread's three-year financing option, but you'll get the lowest monthly payments out of all three choices. For the no-interest 24-month financing from Citibank, you have to apply for a Citi Simplicity Card, but if you plan on making large purchases in the future, this may be a good card to have. The magic of financing is that it stretches your estimated budget by hundreds of dollars and puts those higher-end appliances that you previously thought you couldn't afford well within your reach.

Appliances Connection offers a wide variety of financing options to stretch your budget like PayPal and Bread.

If you think Bread's financing option seems interesting, here's a simple and sharable infographic we've designed to walk you through the process of paying with Bread after you purchase your items on our site.

The Best Way to Buy Appliances Infographic featuring Bread Financing created by Appliances Connection

Let's say your supposed budget is $600--if you were to check out without financing, you may only be able to afford to replace one appliance. If you choose to check out with one of our great financing options, you'd be able to cast a wider net in the market to get an entire suit of appliances or get the best option for that one appliance that you need. We've always been big proponents of bundling to save, so we'd recommend the full suite to get a completely new set of kitchen appliances for a great price, as opposed to just a new single appliance. It's an easy way to completely transform your kitchen, especially if you choose a new finish like Whirlpool's Sunset Bronze or LG's Black Stainless Steel.

The more time you have to pay (in a monthly financing plan), the less you have to pay per month.

The simple equation for financing is the longer you have to pay off the total cost, the lower your monthly payments will be. Paying through financing is simple; all you have to do is choose the item you want right on our site and put it in your cart. Once you check out, you can select the plan you want. If you want to avoid paying interest, try our interest-free option from Citibank, or if you want to spread your payments out for a longer amount of time, choose the 36-month option (with interest) from Bread. You can apply online to check your rate in minutes and select your payment plan if you pre-qualify. Then, you just wait for your new items to be delivered and you pay for them over time; it's that easy! You can do it all yourself straight from your computer.

Whether you're looking for a replacement or a full suite, appliances can be a pricy but necessary expense. Shopping smart will help lessen that financial blow and make buying new culinary tools enjoyable! It all starts with exploring your payment options and getting an accurate estimated budget. Don't just shell out hundreds of dollars on an appliance you're settling on because you can afford it.

If you're telling yourself it's okay to settle because you can just get new appliances when you have the money, you're not being a smart shopper. Think long term and consider financing! If you spread out the payments over a longer time, it's easier to manage your finances because it's like adding an entertainment subscription to your monthly budget. Therefore, if you can afford Amazon Prime, you can afford a new kitchen--it's that simple!

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