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Hoshizaki is a Japanese brand of consumer appliances. Hoshizaki Electric Company was founded in 1947 from Nagoya, Japan by Shigetoshi Sakamoto. The company today has divisions and subsets of the Hoshizaki name in different territories around the world with varying authorization on products offered in their respective territories. In the beginning, Hoshizaki company was one of the first companies to sell electric horns for vehicles in Japan. Their repertoire since then has included many products, as well as, appliances with refrigerators, stoves, vending machines, ice-makers and various other related equipment.

Hoshizaki America is a subsidiary of Hoshizaki Electric, and was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1981. Following in 1986 Hoshizaki America finished their domestic manufacturing facility in Peachtree City, Georgia. To meet the increasing demand for their quality commercial equipment, Hoshizaki America completed another facility in Griffin, Georgia starting in 2001. They are authorized to manufacture and sell an expansive list of commercial icemakers, refrigerators, dispensers, dishwashers, outdoor refrigeration and other similar accessories and equipment.

Hoshizaki America promotes their brand name in three main focuses with quality, innovation and reliability. These ideals are derived from the rich heritage from their parent company. Hoshizaki is proud of their values through a leadership role in focusing on teamwork which involves their employees, supplies, distributors and various industry folks.

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