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Horizontal Kitchens: On the Rise in 2018

Horizontal Kitchens: On the Rise in 2018

When it comes to kitchen design, there's always something trending and another thing falling out of favor. Right now, the horizontal kitchen is scorching hot. We're going to explore this design concept more fully, and highlight some complementary developments that are all the rage.

As a homeowner, you know that designing your kitchen extends beyond choosing the right cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Having a sense of what others are choosing for the best in purposeful design and functionality gives you a real head start in terms of making the right choices, and being on-point in terms of color and style. But don't just choose something because someone else likes it. Make sure that your personal style always shines through.

Horizontal in All Aspects

There has been a surge in horizontal detailing, both in wood grain direction and cabinetry layout. Why is it so popular? You'll benefit from the horizontal orientation thanks to the sparing use of wall cabinetry and expansive stretches of base cabinets. The horizontal grain of the cabinets immediately gives off a modern vibe and adds to the overall illusion of texture. What makes this trend possible is that there's really no longer a need to stack cabinets vertically towards the ceiling, thanks to base cabinets with widths of 36 inches rather than more traditional widths of 24 or 26 inches. This provides a wonderful solution for hiding clutter. When you're designing your horizontal kitchen, be sure to add easy access drawers and organizational inserts to your wide base cabinets. This will make your kitchen so much more functional, clean, and elegant.

Wide Cabinets


Some kitchen design trends are favoring subtlety and simplicity more than ever before, and that's a good thing. The kitchen is all about creating delicious meals with ease, and also creating memories with those that live in and visit your home. That means that your kitchen shouldn't steal the spotlight, but rather, what goes on inside it should. Using clean and clutter-free lines is key. You want to favor uncomplicated cabinetry styles for your busy home. Flat center panel doors are at the peak of popularity right now, as they create an austere feel. These doors are also easy to clean which leaves you with more time for living. When you want a more modern feel, choose slab doors with no ornamentation. These allow the architecture of the room to take center stage.

Clean Horizontal Kitchen


Casual styling can also be evoked by a horizontal design scheme. Homeowners tend to gravitate towards open floor plans in general, and this creates a flow from room to room. When designing your kitchen, use harmonizing styles that segue into a multipurpose area, such as a kitchen that opens up into the family room. Mid-20th Century modern looks are really popular right now in today's homes. Choose forms and shapes that are both simple and bold, as these perfectly communicate this iconic time period. To this end, you may wish to consider farm sink, a fixture that's coming back into vogue. This Nantucket TFCFS27 fireclay model takes advantage of your newly widened counter space with a look that's somehow simultaneously unassuming and imposing.

Casual Horizontal Kitchen
TFCFS27 Nantucket Fireclay Sink

Make Your Kitchen Sing with Color

Color is a reflection of the way that people feel inside their homes. It's also a reflection of what people want to feel, how they want to live, and what's going on around them. Essentially, the horizontal orientation has a natural feel, and so you can't go wrong when you also select natural colors. Deep blue hues are very popular today because they bring to mind sky and water. A dusky red can give the space a rakishly louche feel. You'll also find in modern kitchens in every conceivable variation of white. Pure, crisp white is always a wonderful choice. When you add the horizontal texture to this mix, you have a kitchen that provides both a tactile and visual experience.

Red Horizontal Kitchen
Blue Horizontal Kitchen

Horizontal Design with Purpose

People are residing in the same home for longer periods of time. That means kitchen design is trending toward timelessness in purpose, style, and overall function. Not only are today's kitchens more beautiful than ever, but they're designed to accommodate our needs in terms of storage and organization for easy living. With deep drawers and open shelving being the norm, it's possible to keep items close at hand while adding to overall accessibility. When you choose horizontal cabinetry, you get storage that harmoniously blends with the architecture of the room that will last for years to come. For more ideas, check out the Appliances Connection showroom in Brooklyn, NY. You're always welcome to use our space, designed by the masters of Italian cabinetry, Scavolini, to inspire your own visionary kitchen.

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