Home Source International

Home Source International provides quality imported textiles, working toward a goal to support and increase domestic manufacturing in the US.

The company was founded in 2000 by Keith Sorgeloos, an experienced retailer and marketer. He realized the potential in developing innovative product outside the United States to sell to US based retailers.

In China, development was ongoing for Rayon, which was derived from Bamboo bedding products. This resulted in the launch of the first 100 percent Rayon from Bamboo fabric sheets & coverlets within the United States Market. Rayon from Bamboo bedding products brought enhanced selling features over 100% cotton fabric. For instance, it has enhanced performance characteristics, it is a moisture management fabric, thus, creating the softest bedding fabric ever made.

Home Source International originally marketed these products and move them via direct import vehicles to the retailer. As the company grew, third party warehousing and logistics were incorporated and facilities were put in place in order to give better replenishment and a larger range of services to the customers. In consequence, the company grew to be a recognized, and sought-after home textiles provider for top-end corporations, individual consumers, and specialty retail boutiques.

In 2012, the company was eager to enter new realms by acquiring an upstart furniture company named Shiner International. Shiner was lead by Joe Manus along with craftsmen and artists who adapted previously utilized materials such as hardwood, cardboard, and steel to make home goods that would create a low environmental impact. The merging of the two propelled Home Source into the world of furniture and lighting manufacturing. The company's impeccable aesthetic merged with Shiner's raw artistic designs proved to be an ideal fit which has led to expanding efforts and the development of a manufacturing plant. This 300,000 sq. ft. facility is located in Marianna, FL and it is where Home Source begins producing its home textiles along with the current furniture and lighting production.

Home Source aims to be recognized as the foremost all-inclusive provider of locally manufactured textiles, furniture and lighting.

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