Home Bar Essentials

home bar esentials

The holiday season is not complete without festive parties thrown at home. While the guests have fun, the host usually has the responsibility of making and serving drinks. There are tons of home bar guides that are available online to everyone, however, there are not many articles that discuss how to properly set up home bar appliances and furniture. There are many steps to take to create a perfect home bar.

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Right after you set your budget, you need to take your time and think about how you are planning to design your home bar. Throughout the process you need to keep in mind how much space you need and find out whether you want a simple looking home bar or luxurious one. Then purchase bar furniure and appliances.

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Wine Coolers and Wines Beverage Center

When people think about home bars, they are usually thinking about one thing, a shelf or a cabinet full of different kinds of alcohol. However, you can get as creative as you want with your home bar to make it more entertaining. Wine coolers and beverage centers are the appliances that you need. It is very important for every home owner to learn how to stock and preserve alcoholic beverages properly. It can be a difficult job without beverage centers and wine coolers; the mentioned appliances will make your job much easier if you have them. Keep in mind, it is very hard to please everyone, however if you stock various kinds of drinks and alcoholic beverage, then hopefully you will be able to meet the interest of your guests.


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Many home bar owners know the importance of a good wine cellar and they can assure you without a wine cellar it is not easy to keep your wine collection safe. Jenn-Air's 24 inch under counter wine cellar is exactly what you need. This wine cellar comes with independent temperature zones that allow different kinds of wines to be stored in their proper temperature. The fully flush, built in design allows you to pick an exterior custom panel and accent it on the wine cellar to match your existing cabinets. If you know about wines, then you know how important it is to preserve wine with no vibration, in a place where there are no bad odors and a place without strong lighting. That is why, this model features auto light display option. This means that this mode features a proximity sensor in the base grill that automatically ramps on the LED interior display lighting when motion is detected.

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wine cellar
wine cellar


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Jenn-Air's 24 inch built in beverage center is perfect for home bar owners. It will fit in the given location seamlessly, as it captures your guests' attention with its stainless steel finish. You are going to love the elegant storage space that is made for cheeses, meats and alcohol garnishes. Additionally, it has extra space at the bottom of the beverage center just for wines; and its total capacity is 14 wine bottles. One feature that makes this beverage center so important Is the independent temperature zones and six preset temperatures that give you the control over this beverage center while maximizing the customized storage options.

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Bar Stools, Tables and Cabinets

To choose bar stools and bar tables, it is very important for you to determine what style the appearance of your home bar is going to be. For instance, decide whether you want it to be contemporary, traditional, transitional, or modern etc. Then start purchasing bar stools and bar tables that will help you to create the environment you want.

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Furniture of America CM3377CPNPT3A - The Mckinney Collection of Furniture of America has innovated one of the best contemporary looking counter height wine table and is exactly what you need for a contemporary and modern looking home bars. It is beautifully crafted as it features chic and sleek modern designs. Geometric legs and a matching bar handle is perfectly paired with an espresso wood for a rich and luxurious look.

X-shaped bar table

Furniture of America CM3369BT - Furniture of America's wine bar table from their Glasby collection has an industrial style with metal X-shaped legs and the chair top is made of dark brown leatherette seat cushion. Additionally, it has a wine storage drawer for easy access. This wine table will definitely be a lifesaver for home owners because the guests can serve themselves if the wine is stocked in the table.

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American Heritage 620043GLA - This cabinet is made of Oak Veneer Construction and made out od 2 shelves, 4 cabinets. It features stemware storage rack and Charcoal bronze accent hardware.

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American Heritage 600059GLA - This bar is also made out of stylish Oak veneer construction and it features an ice bucket locking cabinets, glass stemware holder, and plenty of storage shelving.

Blenders and Bar Package

Another appliance that is a must have in a home bar is a blender. Not everyone likes to have clear alcoholic beverages. In order to satisfy your frozen cocktails needs, you definitely need to have a good blender for your home bar.


Koolatron MBLS01 Total Chef Miracle Blender- This Miracle Blender will help you with chopping, mixing, peeling, whipping, grinding, and blending.

bar package

Alfresco 30 Inch Barpackage for Main Sink - This package will allow you to customize the sink system to suit your needs.


FireMagic 3284A Drop-in Countertop Blender with Hood - This countertop blender is perfect for home bar owners. It is made out of stainless steel cover.

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Fill it in!

After purchasing the necessary appliances and furniture, last step is to purchase as much alcohol as you can to fill all the appliances that you bought. From the strongest alcohols to delicious mixers and garnishes, no home bar is complete without a good set of stocked alcohol and beverages. If you are unsure on what kind of alcohol to buy, think about what kind you usually like to have. Choose from the many varieties of spirits, wines, and beers to begin. If you don't have a specific preference, then just purchase some bottles of each. Then, you must not forget to stock a variety of mixers like lemon, lime, oranges and other fruits for the basic rum and coke type concoctions. Also, stock some flavored sodas and plenty of ice.

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