Gift Guide for Home Entertainers

Gift Guide for the Home Entertainer

We all know that king or queen of hosting delightful parties in our circle of friends. They're the bon viveur that dispenses fine wine in one moment and witty repartee the next. Though they have natural charisma and sophistication, you've always felt that there were trappings that could further enhance their allure. Appliances Connection has long been a facilitator of those who enjoy the finer things in life and those who wish to share them. This is the perfect time of year to treat the people who show you a good time. Check out these fantastic gift ideas.

VIG Estro Salotti Palinuro Collection Reclining Sectional Sofa

VIG Sectional Sofa
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VIG Estro Salotti Palinuro Collection 3-Piece Reclining Sectional Sofa - What is a master or mistress of ceremonies without a stage from which to hold court? This VIG sectional sofa provides the perfect pulpit. Its distinctive L-shape will turn the head of anyone when they first enter a room. The 3-piece lounging set spans a spacious 105 inches. Whether hosting an intimate gathering or a more boisterous crowd, there's room for every guest to relax for an evening of engaging banter. Consisting of left and right facing loveseats and a corner wedge that are exquisitely cushioned, every spot on this sofa is supremely comfortable. As you can see below, this piece is rife with deluxe features befitting the most discerning partygoers.

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Hand Crafted Italy

Hand-Crafted in Italy - Sink into luxury that only comes from 100% genuine leather. Top grain upholstery is also used on the outside arms and the back for beauty at every angle.

Adjustable Headrests

Adjustable Headrests - You can adjust the headrests for maximum neck and shoulder comfort, or to just showcase the sofa's aesthetic versatility.


Reclining - The two end positions are powered recliners. Experience maximum relaxation as these seats are almost infinitely adjustable up to nearly a fully horizontal position.

Summit 24" Freestanding Compact Beverage Center

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Summit 24" Freestanding Compact Beverage Center - A good host is continuously vigilant about making sure guests are never wanting for libation, intoxicant or otherwise. That's why this Summit beverage center is indispensable for any get-together. Designed to fit under a counter with its front-breathing ventilation, the unit can be an inconspicuous storage space should one so choose. Conversely, if one decides to display the fridge as a set-piece, the sleek 304 grade stainless steel trim, gently tinted glass, and French doors allow for a dramatic presentation of your wines and other beverages. Always keeping up appearances, with this beverage center, a host will never be in danger of exposing their guests to an overpacked and cluttered kitchen refrigerator. See below for more features that distinguish this invaluable party accessory.

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Summit Freestanding Compact Beverage Center
Two Temperature Zones

Two Temperature Zones - Two independently controlled environmental zones allow for the storage of wine, beer, and other beverages at their ideal temperatures.

Low-E Glass Doors

Low-E Glass Doors - The subtly tinted glass doors along with white LED lighting permits full view of the fridge's contents without drastic temperature fluctuations.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly - An Energy Conservation mode disables some electrical features when not needed. Coolants are 100% CFC free and do not damage the ozone.

Napoleon STARfire 40" Deluxe Gas Fireplace

Napoleon Fireplace
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Napoleon STARfire 40" Deluxe Gas Fireplace - Since time immemorial, nothing has set the ambience of a gathering like a crackling, inviting fire. Offering the ultimate in performance and design, Napoleon's state-of-the-art natural gas fireplace will never fail to delight and give solace to any visitor. The expansive front face allows for a full view of the 40" wide firebox which makes for a stirring backdrop. So primal is the pull of this hearth that, after houseguests disperse, one can stand in front of the calming flame in solitary contemplation, nursing a snifter full of amontillado and a head full of profound thoughts. A peaceful denouement to a wonderful evening of festivities.

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Proflame II Remote - Don't interrupt recounting engrossing stories in front of a rapt audience. Use the included remote to easily adjust the flame's intensity without missing a beat.

40000 BTUs

40000 BTUs - Chase away the season's frigid bite with the intense heat this fireplace can put out. The flame can also be adjusted by 54% for ideal comfort and efficiency.

Safety Screen

Safety Screen - Prevent any possible mishaps for you and your guests with the included safety barrier. The fine mesh keeps everyone safe without obscuring the roaring flame.

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