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Gift Guide For Home Chefs

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As Christmas day gets closer, you must be worrying about what to get the home chefs that you know. If you know for sure they would love having kitchen appliances as a present but you are not so sure what kind you should get, then this article is here to help with exactly that. I applaud you for not only being creative but also brave to purchase kitchen appliances to make your favorite home chef a happy person this holiday season. With a memorable gift like a kitchen appliance, you are going conquer the heart of the person for whom you are buying it.

I would highly recommend you to, first find out what the person for whom you are buying this doesn't have, or at least their area of interest in terms of cooking. Whether it is baking, cooking, or just making drinks, this article will inform you as to the best appliances that you can give to them as a gift.

Samsung 30 Inch Range

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You can never go wrong with the purchase of range as a present. There are a variety of models that each come with their own distinct design and features. There is a saying that a good range makes a good cook. Purchasing a range as a present can also symbolize that you are buying him/her a chance to be free in the kitchen or for them to be able to do anything they want with all the features that the range has. Ranges are indeed one of the best presents for home chefs.

Ranges are divided into three categories: drop-in ranges, freestanding ranges, and slide-in ranges. Each one has its own purpose and place in a home chef's kitchen. As the name says, freestanding ranges can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. Slide-in ranges can also fit into any open space in your cabinetry. However, drop–in ranges require a custom designed opening and can be slightly more expensive than slide-in and freestanding. You must also consider the fuel type before purchasing any range. Consider whether the range will utilize electricity, gas, or dual fuel because you don't want your present to be incompatible with the chef's kitchen.

Samsung Range
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Samsung NX58H5600SS - This model of Samsung can be the perfect present. It is a 30 inch freestanding gas range in stainless steel. I also have stainless steel ranges at my house and I can say with certainty that it definitely enhances the beauty of my kitchen. Even though it can be a little hard to clean, the self-cleaning mode of this model makes cleaning much easier. This gas range has five burners, a sealed cooktop with a griddle, and 5.8 cubic feet oven capacity. There are three features that I would like to highlight on this range.

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viewing window

Viewing Window - Large viewing window allows you to observe the food that you are baking without having to open the oven. This is convenient because each time you open the door you tend to lose heat, which can ruin the baking process.

convection ovens

Convection Oven - Convection technology allows heat to spread evenly throughout the oven. This feature makes sure that the food you are baking is evenly cooked.

endless rail grate

Endless Rail Grate - With endless rail grates, forget about having to lift heavy pots to place them on to different burners. This features allows you to move your cookware easily and safely.

GE Café 30 Inch Double Wall Oven

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Wall ovens are great for extra baking space and they definitely would make a great present. If your home chef has a big family and has tons of baking to do, then go for wall ovens. They are convenient to use and an excellent product to add to their other kitchen appliances.

The main purpose of a wall oven is to eliminate the need for bending and that is why it is perfect for all ages of people. There are various kinds of wall ovens on the market today. There are double wall ovens, oven/microwave combos, single wall ovens, and steam ovens. Certain models come with a drawer, small to large oven capacity, various control types like, digital, knobs or touch pad.

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GE Cafe CT9570SLSS - This GE Cafe double wall oven is 30 inches wide with three doors and six or more oven racks. It has a stainless steel finish like the range mentioned above. It has a total capacity of roughly 10 cubic feet and runs on electricity. This GE Cafe is fit guarantee which means replacing a similar wall oven from GE or another manufacturer would not be a problem. Have you ever heard of French door design that allows for one-handed opening of both oven doors at the same time? Well, this GE Cafe wall oven has it all, from French door design to convection with direct air on both ovens. Three features that I would like to highlight on this double wall oven are:

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GE Cafe Wall Oven 1
Self Clean mode

Self-Clean Mode with Steam - Self-cleaning mode is a lifesaver for many home chefs. We all enjoy cooking and baking but nobody really enjoys cleaning as much.

Dial Control

Electronic Dial Controls - You can experience convenience from these electronic dial controls. It gives off a modern look to enhance the beauty of any kitchen.

WIFI Connect

Wi-Fi Connect - You can experience convenience from these electronic dial controls. It gives off a modern look to enhance the beauty of any kitchen.

Whirlpool 30 Inch Over The Range Microwave

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If you are thinking about purchasing a microwave as a present for the home chef that you know, then you need to take a minute and give yourself some credit for your creativity. The level of convenience that microwaves bring to your home chefs is indescribable. Microwaves can provide a wide range capabilities: from cooking, preheating to defrosting, it does it all. If your home chef has many kids to look after or has a big family in general, by giving microwave as a present, you can consider yourself as a life-saver of that home chef.

Whirlpool Microwave
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Whirlpool WMH32519HZ - Whirlpool's 30 inch over the range microwave oven is not just like any other microwaves. It has 1.9 cubic feet capacity and ten different power levels. It comes with various features like steam cooking and sensor cooking. On the other hand, you can also choose whether the turntable rotates or not. This model also features microwave preset option, to make sure that your dishes get the right amount or heat and time, whether you are cooking or defrosting. Three features that I would like to highlight on this microwave are:

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clean relapse non stick interior

Clean relapse Non-Stick Interior - With this microwave, you don't have to worry about having to struggle just to clean your microwave. You can easily wipe it with damp paper towel.

3 speed, 300 cfm motor class

3-speed, 300 CFM Motor Class - LThis feature allows the microwave to match the right amount of ventilation and help it to get rid of the odors with three different fan speed settings.

electronic touch control

Electronic Touch Control - This feature is not only made to enhance the design of the microwave but also, to make it easier by the press of a button.

Thermador 30 Inch Cooktop

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Cooktops can be another great choice for a gift. Think about the list of things that your favorite home chef can cook with the cooktop that you are planning to purchase. Many people think that having a range at home should be enough, but many people don't understand that four to five burners are sometimes just not enough. This can be especially true during the holidays, when they have to prepare meals for a large number of people.

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Dacor - DOP48M96DAM - Thermador's 30 inch natural gas range top has a beautiful horizontally oriented rectangular shape with five metal knobs that can smoothly control the temperature. This model comes packed with various features to make your home chefs work so much easier in an elegant manner. For instance, the Extra Low feature provides the widest variety of temperature control of any simmer system. It cycles on and off to maintain temperatures as low as 100 degrees. This feature is perfect for making sauces or keeping the food warm without ruining the texture and the taste. Three features that I would like to highlight on this cooktop are:

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star burners

Patented Star Burners - Thermador's exclusive sealed 3-in-1 Star Burner's has a unique five point design. This feature offers a reduced cold spot and faster time to boil.

stainless steel frame

Stainless Steel Frame - Once again, the famous stainless steel frame allows the home chefs to cook in an environment where they feel motivated.


QuickClean Base - Pedestal burner and porcelain maintop have been crafted in order to give it a perfect integration and easy cleanup. This feature is exclusive to Thermador.

Miele Coffee Maker

Coffee makers

Coffee makers are considered asone of the top appliances that not only home chefs but everybody wants to have. If getting up every morning to aromatic, hazelnut flavored coffee is not a dream to everyone, then I don't know what is. If you are already thinking about getting a coffee maker, I would say go for it.

Miele Coffee Maker
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Miele CM5200 - Miele's coffee and Espresso machine comes with four different programmable cup sizes. Since I mentioned so many stainless steel appliances, I decided to add this coffee and espresso maker that comes in black. You can use both full and ground beans for this machine. It is very easy to use; you don't even have to read the manuals to understand how to use the features. Three features that I would like to highlight on this coffee and espresso makers are:

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Cup Warmer

Integrated Cup Warmer - This feature is great, especially during the cold days of winter. What is better than having a warm cup?

Adjustable Coffee Spout

Height adjustable Coffee Spout - You can easily adjust the dispensing spout to accommodate an array of cup sizes.


Automatic cleaning Program - If you are a coffee lover, then you are going to love this automatic cleaning program that uses water to clean the pipework each time when the machine is shut off.

Smeg 50s Retro Style Stand Mixer

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A good chef knows the importance of a good mixer. So, be careful when you are purchasing a mixer for your favorite home chef. While giving a mixer as a present, you are also telling them to make sure that they will make you a very delicious meals and beautifully baked cakes every time when you visit them.

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Smeg SMF01LBUS - Smeg's 50s Retro Style stand mixer with a die-cast Aluminum body and a large bowl is here to make whisking easier for your home chef. It is considerate as one of the popular mixers because of its 10 different speed and direct drive motor. Despite having an aluminum body, this mixer comes in black head. Three features that I would like to highlight on this mixers are:

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planetary movement

Planetary Movement - This feature guarantees the best homogenous mixture ever.

stand mixer

Stand Mixer - Because it stand on its own, it allows your home chef to multi-task to get things down quicker and efficiently.

stainless steel wire whisk

Stainless Steel Wire Whisk - This Stainless Steel Wire is sturdy and it is easy to clean.

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