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Established in 1897 in Troy, Ohio, Hobart has spent over a century producing premium equipment for the commercial food service industry. Hobart has become synonymous with commercial kitchen products. From food packaging to dishwashing, those who know ask for Hobart by name.

A staple at every deli counter, Hobart's meat slicers are precision brought to life. They are built with a blade that is completely removable for periodic maintenance. This ultimate safety for the user. The slicer's heavy aluminum gauge plate is engineered with machined grooves for smooth feeding and can be adjusted to cut to any preferred thickness, from one inch to paper thin.

At the other end of the line, commercial dishwashers need to be effective while not taking up much valuable real estate in a bustling kitchen. Hobart's dishwashers do just that. These units are ideal for quickly cleaning and restocking plates, glasses, silverware, and more. Select units are ENERGY STAR® rated and only use .74 gallons of water per cycle, meaning your business saves money on both its electric and water bills. Despite its low water and energy consumption, these units are capable of cleaning 32-34 racks per hour.

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