Hitchcock Butterfield Mirrors

Mirrors have captivated humanity for millennia. The first ones were merely still reflecting pools, developing later into smooth, polished bronze. Mankind's fascination with mirrors, with our reflections, speaks to our fascination with ourselves and our identities. Mirrors, in a sense, are mystical things, windows into our souls or psyches. That's why forward-thinking interior designers have long relied on mirrors to provide an ineffable accent to any space, from the great Hall of Mirrors in Versailles to your own home. That's where Hitchcock-Butterfield comes in. With their complete range of high quality American-made mirrors, Hitchcock-Butterfield is there to provide you with a mirror in any style you an imagine. Classic, authentic, antique, modern, ultra-modern, eclectic, traditional, contemporary, art nouveau, vintage, transitional or any other style is available from Hitchcock-Butterfield, the mirror masters. And since every one of them is made right here in the United States from only the finest materials and components, these mirrors are sure to impress! That's because all of them are hand crafted and designed specially for Hitchcock-Butterfield, meaning that these exclusive designs aren't available anywhere else. That's a promise you can trust: these aren't just any mirrors, but artisanal accents sure to look great in any space.

AppliancesConnection.com wants to be your one-stop shop for all your high quality home furnishing and outfitting needs, and that's why we carry Hitchcock-Butterfield mirrors. These handcrafted, artisanal marvels have a well-earned reputation for quality, and that's why we've included them in our carefully curate catalog of remarkable things.

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