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Hillsdale Furniture

No one takes design more seriously than Hillsdale Furniture. After all, the Hillsdale Furniture designers own the company. For twenty years Hillsdale Furniture has been committed to creating beautiful furniture at the right price. And that commitment is why they have become an industry leader in home furnishings.

Within Hillsdale Furniture collections, you'll find traditional, transitional and contemporary designs as well as fresh looks at classic styles. Each piece has been crafted with a look and feel that's distinctly Hillsdale.

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Hillsdale Furniture Product Series

Lani Series Kerstein Series Destin Series Urban Quarters Series Brandi Series Milwaukee Series Becker Series Lusso Series Nicole Series Delaney Series Kiley Series Desi Series Morris Series Carolina Series Matson Series Madison Series Victoria Series Wendell Series Ruby Series Winsloh Series La Croix Series Bayberry Series Kirkland Series Jocelyn Series Dover Series Chelsea Series Trenton Series Vancouver Series Westlake Series Julien Series McKenzie Series Molly Series Martino Series Huntley Series Burton Way Series Providence Series Edgewood Series Cole Series Lawler Series Melanie Series Milano Series Kendall Series Staci Series Oklahoma Series Westfield Series Cameron Series Jacqueline Series Amber Series Kingston Series Tiburon Series Harrison Series Claudia Series Arlington Series Pompeii Series McArthur Series Trieste Series Chesapeake Series Janis Series Cumberland Series Mercer Series Josephine Series Ambassador Series Mikelson Series Hawthorne Series Savannah Series Lakeview Series Park Avenue Series Charleston Series Raymond Series Duggan Series Belize Series Copenhagen Series Jasmine Series Lauren Series Baremore Series Jamie Series Westgate Series Embassy Series Alden Bay Series Westchester Series Savana Series Springfield Series Palm Springs Series Jolie Series Vetrina Series Dumont Series Denmark Series Fleur de Lis Series Ashley Series Napa Valley Series Delray Series Dekland Series Newton Series Grayson Series Montgomery Series Williamsburg Series Bloomfield Series Memphis Series Tolland Series San Marino Series Presque Isle Series Nassau Series Bedford Series Marsala Series Dennery Series Park View Series Winterberry Series Kinsella Series Bromley Series Salem Series Drummond Series Ontario Series Brendan Series Hobbs Series Wayland Series Reydon Series Santa Monica Series Bayberry and Embassy Series Van Draus Series Tateswood Series Hunter Series Monaco Series Castlebrook Series Jenkins Series Dynamic Series Tillman Series Carlyle Series Rouen Series Amherst Series Hanover Series Dartford Series Southport Series Camille Series Nora Series Fairfox Series Rowan Series Bullock Series Augusta Series Valera Series Kirkham Series Parkwood Series Aussie Series Henderson Series Kelford Series Malone Series Bombay Series Granada Series Aiden Series West Palm Series Jefferson Series Portland Series Sutton Series Bridgetown Series Mansfield Series Sanders Series Tuscan Retreat Series Molina Series Midland Series Dundee Series Ellendale Series Canton Series Brookside Series Olivia Series Lyman Series Harlow Series London Series Santa Clara II Series Maura Series Hayward Series Milan Series Mid-City Series Bennington Series Douglass Series Dalton Series Eastwind Series