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Hestan Smart Induction Cooktops - Pushing the Limits of Innovation

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Hestan hasn't been around for as long as some of the major brands you've undoubtedly heard of, but they are poised to become a household name just the same. Originally focused on pioneering nonstick cookware in the 1970s, Hestan has pivoted to become a mainstay in the appliance industry. Founder Stanley Cheng first dabbled in commercial kitchen appliances before transitioning into a powerhouse of the outdoor cooking market. The next move was an obvious one: residential kitchens. The chef-proven performance of their commercial kitchen products has translated well to home cooking appliances. With unrivaled power, pinpoint precision and innovative technology, Hestan has become a leader in delivering thoughtful appliances with all the bells and whistles.

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Recently, Hestan debuted their latest invention, the smart induction cooktop. The KIC Series Cooktops are a dream blend of sophisticated engineering, unmatched responsiveness and remarkable efficiency. Unmatched control is achieved when these cooktops are paired with Bluetooth-enabled cookware and their smartphone app. The smart induction burners maintain perfect temperatures while a chef-guided video walks you through each step and cooking technique of Hestan's carefully crafted recipes.

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As you proceed through Hestan's intricately designed recipes, the cooktop uses advanced embedded culinary sensors to automatically control temperatures for different dishes. To coincide with the cooking process, Hestan has produced video-guided walkthroughs of each step and technique for EVERY recipe in the library. The cooktop features Hestan's exclusive Marquise accented glass cooking surface which adds a signature style and a sleek, flawless cooking surface. Controlling the cooktop is intuitive and simple with the smooth-operating slide touch controls. When operating the slide touch controls, audible alerts and feedback provide certainty in your selections.

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Hestan KIC Series Induction Cooktops are available in black or stainless-steel and measure 30" or 36" wide. With user safety in mind, Hestan has included an advanced cookware detection system. The system safely shuts off induction burners when compatible cookware is removed and reestablishes the original temperature settings when the pot or pan is returned. An additional safety feature is the control lock feature which provides peace of mind that no undesired alterations to any settings can be made. The cooktop also features two timer functions which allow for independent timers to be set or a timer for each individual cooking zone. With the automatic quick-boil heating function, the elements heat up more quickly to the desired heat setting alleviating long wait times with other types. With the elegantly-styled professional stainless-steel frame, there's no question this cooktop looks as fantastic as it functions!

Make sure you check out the Hestan brand page to see all the other exciting and innovative products available for purchase today.

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