Heartland Appliances

Heartland is an appliances company, specializing in manufacturing premium quality home appliances including ranges, woodburning cook stoves, cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers and appliance accessories. The brand is known for producing appliances with a unique retro design while still retaining that sought after commercial quality.

Heartland offers the classic gas, electric and dual fuel ranges, but the stand out from the pack with their unique wood burning ranges. All the ranges, including the woodburning ones, are available in a variety of sizes. Heartland ranges are classically designed with nickel-plated trim, elegantly shaped handles, and unique legs. All Heartland gas, electric, and dual fuel ranges provide high-performance extra-large burners, spacious convection ovens, quiet vent hoods, warming drawers with humidity control, and storage drawers -- all this in one unit. Heartland's woodburning ranges are constructed with cast iron, and can be a great heat source in case of power failure. The ability to operate on thermosiphon eliminates the need for electricity so you can go off the grid. Additionally, select models provide the optional copper tank with a tap water reservoir that can warm up to 40 gallons of water.

Heartland also offers appliances for food preservation like their freestanding top freezer and freestanding french door refrigerators. The french door refrigerators provide storage flexibility with adjustable glass shelving to fit tall or wide items. The Tri-Level organization system with a removable basket at the top gives you additional flexibility for optimal food organization. In addition to that, Heartland's refrigerator storage drawers provide nine temperature settings to keep each type of food at its ideal temperature for optimal food preservation.

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