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Guild Master

Guild Master is one of the best companies in home furnishings. It is a fast growing, vertically integrated maker of design-driven furniture, wall art, lighting, and accessories. It was founded in Springfield, MO in 1981. It now owns and operate manufacturing facilities in China and Indonesia where it employs nearly 400 trained artisans that work under the direct supervision of company founders. The company builds handcrafted originals to the uppermost possible standards, highlighting solid mahogany construction, painted accents, and hand carving. GuildMaster also have must see destinations at all the big markets with permanent showrooms in Atlanta, High Point, Las Vegas, and Dallas. It's outstanding design work is widely known including a dozen nominations for ART awards, generally in a vintage European motif with naturalistic distressing. The company is active in new product development, bringing out hundreds of new items every year to keep the line fresh and lively. GuildMaster is determined to being able to supply dealers ranging from larger retailers, to independents, to interior designers with a lineup of price points, services and products appealing to each. GuildMaster knows that it is every company's duty to operate in a manner that is respectful to the planet and its inhabitants. The company employ hundreds of workers at its overseas factories and treat them with the same privileges and rights of their US counterparts. The company give time and money to provide support to orphanages in both China and Indonesia. It is constantly working to advance the eco friendliness of all of its business practices.

The company is a full member of the SUstainable Furnishings Council, and its head of operations has gained accreditation through their GREENleaders Certified Sustainability Training Program. One of the company's main sustainability initiatives is a tree replanting program that it set up in Indonesia where it works to replace the mahogany trees it used to build its furniture.

GuildMaster uses solid wood construction to lessen the use of adhesives and other additives and utilize only low formaldehyde formulations to minimize harmful off-gassing of VOC's. It is currently experimenting with Water-based lacquer finishes to cut it down even further. It has an ongoing project aiming to find ways to pack products more efficiently in order to decrease transportation and waste.

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