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Grohe Faucets

Grohe is the most popular brand of bath and fixtures in Europe, thanks to their impeccable fabrication techniques and timeless style. From the simplest faucets to the most advanced shower system, each product from Grohe is made to be attractive, functional, and long lasting for years of anxiety-free operation.

What sets Grohe faucets apart from other manufacturers is the technology that goes into even the simplest parts. Years of improvement has resulted in Grohe's SuperSteel and StarLight finishes that maintain a microns-thick nonporous surface that will resist spots and staining for a bright shine that won't degrade. Supported by copper and nickel plated layers, these fixtures are non-reactive fortresses to preserve their beauty under heavy daily use. You can FEEL the quality of a Grohe fixture thanks to their exclusive SilkMove cartridges, which are made with a teflon coated ceramic alloy components that smoothly respond to your touch without any abrasion or friction. Long after your other fixtures have become seized stiff and unresponsive, your Grohe faucet will work as well as the day you first installed it.

In the Shower and Bath, Grohe continues to excel. CoolTouch handshowers and showerheads insulate you from hot components and EcoJoy wash options lets you conserve water while the DreamSpray nozzles delivers perfect even distribution no matter which pattern you choose.

Explore the world of Grohe fixtures below and see how this Red Dot Award winning company can be a part of your home.

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Grohe Product Series

Essentials Series Atrio Series Seabury Series Grandera Series Concetto Series Grohtherm Series Essence Series Allure Series Lineare Series Rainshower Series Eurocube Series Eurosmart Series Allure Brilliant Series Eurostyle Series Ladylux Series Relexa Series Euphoria Series GrohFlex Series Tempesta Cosmopolitan 100 Series Skate Cosmopolitan Series Tempesta 100 Series Plus Series Relexaflex Series Minta Series Euphoria 110 Series Blue Series Movario Series Essentials Cube Series BauLoop Series Skate Series Grohtherm 2000 Series BauCosmopolitan Series RotaFlex Series Eurosmart Cosmopolitan Series Retro-Fit Series Eurostyle Cosmopolitan Series Selection Series Rainshower F-Series Series Selection Cube Series Grohsafe Series Tempesta Rustic 100 Series Grohflex 2000 Series Tempesta Cosmopolitan Series Tempesta Rustic Series Europlus Series Cosmopolitan Series Rainshower Rustic 210 Series Rapid SL Series Tempesta 210 Series GrohFlex Essence Series Euphoria 260 Series Relexa 100 Series Eurocube Joy Series Rainshower Cosmopolitan 160 Series Rainshower Grandera Series New Tempesta Series Relax Series Retro-Fit System Series K7 Series Grohtherm F Series Movario 100 Series Relexa Rustic Series Rainshower Cosmopolitan Series Relexa Plus 65 Series Relexa Rustic 100 Series SilverFlex Series Tempesta-F Series Rainshower SmartActive Series Tempesta Series Rainshower Mono 310 Series Rainshower Cosmopolitan 210 Series Eurodisc Series Power&Soul Series Power and Soul Series Euphoria System Series Rainshower Rustic Series Power&Soul Cosmopolitan 130 Series Bridgeford Series Euphoria Cube Stick Series Grohtherm 1000 Series Rainshower Allure 230 Series Retrofit System Series Grohtherm XL Series Parkfield Series Rainshower Grandera 210 Series Essence Professional Series Blue Professional Series Costa Series Kensington Series Euphoria Cosmopolitan Series Ondus/Relexa Series Euphoria Cube 150 Series Rainshower Cosmopolitan 400 Series Rapido C Series Rainshower Rustic 160 Series Rainshower Cosmopolitan 310 Series